How to avoid cats in my garden

Cats like the outdoors a lot, and if you have a garden, you may encounter the problem of felines themselves or others using your enclosure as their personal space to relieve themselves or just hang out. If you want to control this situation, and you do not know very well how to proceed, we are going to give you some advice so that without harming any cat, you can avoid its presence in your garden .

Steps to follow:


If a cat is in the habit of entering and spending time in your garden, one of the reasons may be because, in your search for food, find something to eat on your land. If you have ever found food, the most normal thing is to search again.

If you have a pet, make sure that the food you give does not end up scattered around the garden, or simply, make sure it is inside the house. And it would also be convenient to watch your garbage can, so that it is well covered and the cat does not smell possible food.


Another possible attraction that your garden may have for your cat is the presence of mice . Let's not forget that the cats are the perfect hunters, and if they detect a rodent, it is safest for you to have more than one cat visiting your land.

In that case, make sure you do not have any mouse in your garden, look to see if there are gaps in the foundations or if you find waste, etc. Although the best thing is to call a specialist and check your house and surroundings well.


Cats do not especially like water, so install irrigators that activate with movement especially in entrance areas and other strategic areas scattered around the garden, especially where you've seen them. With a few scares, the cats will recognize the annoyance and stop coming.


A good idea is to put repellent plants in your garden that give off a special aroma that is very unpleasant for cats. Some examples are citronella, eucalyptus or lavender, among others. They will be very nice, they will smell great for you, but not for the visiting felines.


Another option of repellent type, is to put mulch such as coffee beans or citrus in areas where cats have a tendency to stand and smell like your plants can be, in the bird feeder, etc.


If you have a beautiful garden, and you do not want a cat to enter, try putting physical barriers . Cover the entrance for the sheds, the holes in the fences, put stones where there is exposed land for the cats to dig.


If any of the cats that pass through your garden look like pets, do not hesitate to look for their owners among your neighbors and talk to them to keep an eye on their pets' house escapades.


If cats do not like you at all and you think it's a big nuisance to be in your garden, there are special products on the market like repellent sprays or ultrasound devices that are supposed to be effective.

First of all, make sure that these products do not harm cats. You have to be aware and responsible. The life of a living being matters, so be careful with the measures you take to prevent cats from entering your garden.


A final option is to get in touch with a shelter or animal shelter to come in search of cats that roam the neighborhood. The ideal in these cases is to resort to castration so that there is greater control over the feline population of the area. It is a responsible and life-saving measure in the medium and long term.

  • Be patient with the cats that visit your garden, and above all try to take measures that do not harm the health of any animal.