12 dog breeds that look like wolves

Two of the animals that most often fascinate us are dogs, considered our best friends, and wolves, spectacular animals that are related to dogs. There are many people who believe that the relationship between these two species is that dogs are descended from wolves, but scientific studies have long since determined that this is not the case and that, in fact, they descend from the same ancestor.

This relationship and the wild and noble aspect of the wolves make many people notice the dogs that look like the wolves physically, and even in some aspects of their character and behavior, because their appearance is amazing but at the same time They can coexist with us without problems. If you are interested in these animals, you will like this list of 12 dog breeds that look like wolves that we have prepared in. Did you all know them?


The wolfdog is not a recognized breed of dog, it is in fact a hybrid between dog and wolf, being currently the closest to the wolves. They are being raised in several areas of the world by expert breeders, with the intention that they are a bit more dogs in terms of character and needs. Specifically, for now, there are three levels, which could be considered three varieties or subraces, depending on the amount of wolf DNA load they have.

They are divided between Low Charge or Low Charge with a genetic level of between 1% and 49% of wolf DNA, which are the most similar to dogs, Medium Charge or Medium Charge with a genetic level of between 50% and 74%, which are individuals at a really intermediate point between the two species and, finally, the High Charge, which have a genetic level of wolf of 75% or more, the wolfdog being more like a wolf, both physically and of character and behavior.

German shepherd

One of the best-known and most common dog breeds in homes around the world is the German Shepherd . Undoubtedly, this dog of Germanic origin is one of the most popular for its characteristics, both physical and character and behavior. They are dogs that remind the wolves to have a similar physical appearance, for their snout, fangs, ears, tail and even the type of coat, although the color differs completely from Canis lupus . These dogs are very intelligent, obedient, easy to educate if you propose, protective and always willing to learn, all this makes it ideal for jobs with police and firefighters.

If you opt for this race or a cross of it, surely, you will be interested to know How to educate a German shepherd.

Tamaskan, one of the dog breeds that most resemble wolves

That's right, Tamaskan is one of the dog breeds that most resembles wolves, because in fact they have a high level of genetic load of these other canids, which defines them as a type of wolfdogs. Little by little the breeders of this new breed originating in Finland are improving their socialization, so that these traits of dogs predominate.

To be dogs of race between medium and large, because they measure between 60 and 70 cm at the withers and weigh between 30 and 40 kg, it is considered that they have an important longevity, because until now they have been proven that they can live up to 20 years if they are very well taken care of, something unusual in dogs of this size and in wolves.

How did the Tamaskan race originate? For in Finland the first individuals appeared from crosses between Alaskan malamute and Siberian husky, two races that remind a lot of Canis lupus . Later, the breeders were adding crosses with wolves, which gives them the current look.

Calupoh, the Mexican wolfhound

This dog that looks like a black wolf is called calupoh, Mexican wolfdog or mexican wolfdog . It is a little-known breed outside of Mexico and it is relatively new, but it certainly has a lobuno aspect that captivates and should be included in this list of dogs that look like wolves.

According to the experts of the Canófila Mexicana Federation, this Mexican dog breed was discovered in 1999 and was not created by humans, but appeared naturally as there were frequent crossings between pre-Hispanic dogs endemic to Mexico and the endemic wolf. from there, the Mexican gray wolf.

This breed of Mexican dog stands out for having a look very similar to wolves, more than dogs, as they bring it closer to the canis lupus important features such as its large size, its complexion, the jet black color of its coat and its eyes yellow or orange that contrast with its dark mantle. Anyway, the FCM or Canófila Mexican Federation is the only one that has recognized this hybrid and mentions that although the main base color, there are also black smoked, black with white spots, saber color and even white calupohs dogs .

Wolfdog or Czechoslovakian wolfhound

This breed is native to Czechoslovakia, a European area currently divided into two countries. They are characterized for being dogs that look like wolves of the Carpathians and, in fact, they have enough relation with these other canids. The Czechoslovak wolfhounds are also known to be very active and curious but somewhat reserved with strangers, very loyal and courageous.

As they are a fairly new breed with a wolf character, the experts do not consider them dogs suitable for anyone who wants to have them as companions and much less for beginners in the possession of wolf dogs. Before looking to host one in your home, find out here how to educate a Czechoslovakian wolfhound.

Siberian Husky

Undoubtedly, this is one of the dog breeds that most reminds us of the Nordic wolves and that, in turn, is one of the most popular in the world, not only for its wolfish appearance but for its incredible character. The huskies are dogs of Russian origin and are very active, curious, fun, protective and family.

Another feature that makes it more popular is that within dogs that have wolf appearance, this breed has shorter hair, although very dense and with many layers, and is of a size somewhat smaller than its relative the alaskan malamute .

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If you like dogs that look like wolves and also small dogs, then the pomsky will definitely attract your attention. As you might guess by its name, it is a hybrid between the Pomeranian and Husky breeds . We have just seen that, undoubtedly, the husky is a dog that looks a lot like a Nordic wolf, and what has been achieved by mixing these two races is to get dogs with the appearance of small wolves .

This breed is still not well known or recognized in some parts of the world, as it is very recent.

Alaskan malamute

Also close to the huskies, we found one of the breeds of large dogs that look like wolves . We speak of the alaskan malamute, which are also dogs very similar to wolves in cold areas, but they are also larger than dogs of the Siberian Husky breed and also have a longer coat.

These are American dogs, specifically the State of Alaska, as the name suggests, but they are dogs that are also widespread throughout the world.

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If you like white wolves, this breed of dogs that look like wolves will like you for sure. The Samoyed dogs are originally from Russia and have long white hair, which also reminds us of wolves from low-temperature areas.

They are dogs with a very lively and alert character, as well as family and friendly. If you like dogs with the appearance of a white wolf, the Samoyed is undoubtedly the one that will call your attention the most of this list. If so, do not miss the information here we tell you about How to care for a Samoyed.


This breed is little known and is from Great Britain. It is a wolf-like dog that, in fact, comes from the mixture of three breeds of dogs that we have already mentioned in this list: German Shepherd, Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute .

The utonagan dogs are large in size, can exceed 70 cm in height at the withers and weigh more than 40 kg. Its fur is medium in the body and longer in the tail, a trait inherited from the alaskan malamute, which gives it the appearance of a Nordic wolf. It is considered a race suitable for children, especially because they do not really have very wicked features in their character, being very happy, active, family and loyal dogs.

If you have no experience with wolf dogs, this may be one of the best breeds for you.

Saarloos wolfhound

This is another European breed that most resembles Canis lupus with short hair and, in fact, has a very impressive appearance. The wolfhound of Saarloos is originally from the Netherlands and is little known in other areas of the world. They are large sized dogs, as the males exceed 75 cm in height at the withers and reach 45 kg.

According to the expert breeders of this breed, the wolfhound of Saarloos is the result of the cross between German shepherd and European wolf and its character is currently more similar to the dogs, being curious, lively and confident, although it is somewhat independent.

Canadian Eskimo Dog

This breed originally from Canada is also known as Canadian Eskimo Dog or as Qimmiq or Canadian Inuit Dog . It is also called Inuit because it is a working dog in the snow, in fact they use it to pull the sleds in Alsaka areas and further north, as they are tougher dogs for this task than the huskies or alaskan malamutes.

Although the Canadian Eskimo dog looks like a wolf it is not one of the best-known breeds, it is a very old breed and, in fact, it is the oldest North American breed. They measure between 50 and 70 cm at the withers and can weigh between 20 and 40 kg, the females being smaller.