How to make a good impression in an interview

Do you have an important job interview? In order to succeed and choose to be one of the new employees of the company, it is essential that you prepare it and think about all the aspects that can play in your favor and all those that, on the contrary, can make a bad impression on you. From the look, to the gestures you make and the first impression you make, there are many aspects that you have to regulate in order to succeed in the interview. In this article we are going to give you some suggestions so that you know how to make a good impression in an interview and get the job to be yours.

Steps to follow:


Let's start with an essential aspect to approach an interview in a positive way from the first moment: be punctual . It is recommended that you arrive about 10 minutes before the agreed time to show interest, availability and, above all, responsibility with the work. You can spend a thousand things (traffic jams on the road, that you do not find the place well, etc.) but you have to anticipate any unforeseen and leave before home.

It is always better to arrive with time before making the interviewer wait, the image you give is of absolute lack of professionalism and you will begin the interview with a bad footing. So leave before home, find where is the place you have to go and try to get there in advance.


The attitude with which you face an interview is also very important . If you arrive with bad smoke or with the face of few friends, the interview will not go too well. The most appropriate thing is that you show a smile, that you are wide awake and that you show interest in the company and in the project in which you want to work. A motivated, interested and eager to learn employee is what most companies seek to be part of your team so get your best smile, be optimistic and try to establish a good connection with the person who interviews you.


Non-verbal communication should also be taken into account in a job interview since there are many messages that are transmitted according to the position of your body and the energy you transmit. In the previous point we talked about the power of the smile because it is also a way to communicate optimism and create a good atmosphere to be able to face an interview; However, there are other elements that contribute to give positive or negative messages and that are worth knowing:

  • Avoid nervous tics : such as touching your hair, moving your leg or biting your nails. They are gestures that transmit nervousness and insecurity and that can make the interview not flow naturally or peacefully. The interviewer may feel uncomfortable in your presence and discard your candidacy so control your nerves and own your body.
  • Do not cross your arms : it is a sign that denotes that you are a closed person and you are not open to communication or new proposals. The most appropriate thing is that you have your arms stretched out on your legs or on the table. Try not to create a physical barrier between you and the interviewer so that you do not show an image of remoteness and inaccessibility.
  • Look directly into the eyes with a friendly look: when someone looks away or does not dare to look into the eyes gives an impression of person who can be trusted little and may be lying. So to give a good image the best thing is that you do not fear to look directly at your interviewer.

In this article we give you some ideas about the gestures to avoid in a job interview.


You can win the sympathy of your interviewer if you go to the appointment with information about the company. That is to say, that you show interest and that you have looked for previous information about the company, the way they have to work, the departments, and so on. Today it is easier to do this information search because most companies have a website so we recommend that you review it, know what it is about, when it is open, and so on.

If you arrive at the interview with information related to the company, you will earn points and show that you are a person who is really interested in the job.


To make a good impression in an interview you must also show yourself sure and with clear ideas. A doubtful or insecure person will hardly get a good job because the qualities most often sought are those that allow the person to propose improvements, get involved with the company and perform their work in a professional manner. So believe in yourself, work your self-esteem and show yourself a hard-working, responsible person with extensive knowledge about the subject.

At this point we must also indicate that vigiles when it comes to show your skills as you can fall into the error of looking a bit pedantic and with superiority. The best thing is to be sincere acknowledging your virtues but always from a humble and honest level.


A common mistake that many interviewers usually find is that potential candidates tend to exaggerate their knowledge . This is a very negative aspect because, sooner or later, the lies end up coming to light and if they discover that you lied, it can be a cause for dismissal, as well as the shame and stain in the curriculum that this entails. The best thing is to be honest with your skills and emphasize not what you do not know but everything you are good at and excel .

If you see that in most of the interviews that you have gone, you have found that you lack some type of knowledge, why do not you consider the possibility of learning it and, thus, improve your curriculum? Instead of lying, the wisest and most responsible is to accept that you have a lack and that you remedy it . For example, if you are always asked for English, it is best to sign up for an academy and recognize in the interview that you do not have that knowledge but that you are in it to have it. You will show an interest and desire to improve as a professional that will be highly valued.


The first impression is what counts, we all know that. So, although the position for the optes is going to be in a youth office and with an informal dress, the most appropriate thing is that you go to the interview in an elegant and well-dressed way. Later, when they hire you, you can show your more casual side but the first moment it is important that you show a professional image taking care of your clothes and hiding tattoos or piercings that you may have. In this article we give you some ideas about how to dress for a job interview.


Once you have finished the interview, you can continue to make a good impression if you send an email to the person who has attended giving thanks for your time and reminding you how interested you are in the job. It's a very polite way to say goodbye and make yourself remember once you've left the interview.