How to add the Facebook button on a Web page

If you are responsible for the website of a company, artist or other, it is worth promoting the site in everything you can. One way to promote is to add a Facebook for the articles or content. When someone clicks on the button, the content is automatically shared on that person's page on Facebook .

Steps to follow:


Go to the Web page where you want to add the button. Copy the URL that appears in the navigation bar of your browser.


Go to the section for Facebook developers and click on the central button "add Facebook to my website"


Click on the "like button" option that you can find in the upper right area of ​​the screen, see attached image.


Follow the steps indicated on the screen by filling in the form that Facebook offers you to get the code of the Facebook button.


Click on "Get Code" to get the source code. Keep in mind that to get the code before you must be registered in the list of Facebook developers: //


Paste the source code that Facebook has given you in the area of ​​the page of your website that you want the Facebook button to appear.

  • Enter the Facebook section for developers because they constantly add improvements to the functionalities.