How to join Comisiones Obreras

Are you thinking about joining a workers' union ? Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) is one of the main union forces in Spain and, therefore, is one of the options among which you can choose to defend your labor rights. If you want to be part of this union group, do not forget to consult this article in which we explain how to join Comisiones Obreras through the Internet.

Steps to follow:


One of the fastest ways to join CCOO is to do it online, that is, through the union's website. So, to enter directly in the affiliation section, you must access: //

Next, click on the ' Affiliate ' button and in the next screen you will have to accept the terms corresponding to the data protection.


Once this is done, you can begin to fill in the necessary information to formalize your union membership. First, you must enter all your personal information: NIF, full name, address, contact information, professional data, etc.

Likewise, you must choose a password to later access the exclusive member access area on the CCOO website. You must go by clicking on the 'Next' button to move to the next data screen.


So, in the second place, you must include the payment data through which you want to pay the affiliation fee to the Workers Commissions. In the same way, you will be able to consult the prices in force as well as the different quotas depending on the affiliation modality to the union that you choose:

  • General fee
  • Special fee
  • Super-reduced quota

You will also be informed then of the possible supplements that can be charged to the quota according to the sector and geographical area in which you work.


The next step in the process to join CCOO will be to enter the data of the company you are working on. For this, you can search by CIF or NSS and, in case you do not know the fiscal data, it will also be possible to try to locate it by name.

In case you do not find it with those data, you can also provide the data of your work center so that Comisiones Obreras can register it in the database.


The fourth section is reserved so that you can add the observations that you consider appropriate about your affiliation to the Workers' Commissions. In this space, you can write a text with what you think may be interesting to explain in your particular case when you join the workers' union.


Finally, once you have entered all the data in the form, you can see a summary to check that everything is correct or modify it if you realize that you have made a mistake at some point. Likewise, the system will warn you in case any data is not valid or you have forgotten to fill in mandatory fields.

Once this is done, you will be able to send the form to process your affiliation request to Comisiones Obreras and, therefore, the union will contact you to confirm


Before ending this article about how to join Comisiones Obreras, it is worth noting that you can also go to the CCOO headquarters in your geographic area and carry out the affiliation process in person. In this way, the union delegate will be able to answer your possible doubts and advise you at all times.