How to act in case of a labor dispute

Each labor conflict requires a specific strategy. But there are general techniques that help to calm the nerves in times of crisis. We have to face the conflict with serenity and reason. I give you five easy-to-follow tips that will come in handy in your work on how to act in the event of a labor dispute.

You will need to:
  • Folio
  • Pen

Take a break

Escape for five minutes. Go to the bathroom to have your face soaked and breathe deeply. Physically moving away from the environment associated with tension, relieving nerves, and seeing things from another perspective.


At your table, take a blank page, write a list of "thanks". Concentrate on thinking about the things you have, and the actions of others that make you feel satisfied. This is an effective resource, because it displaces the concentration of the affected from the negative to the positive, from the pain to the circumstances for which one must feel happy. When you have finished, place it in a clearly visible place.

Share it

Tell someone your problem. Choose a friend who does not preach to you. You only need a good listener to help you get rid of your feelings of anger, frustration or fear.

Review the acknowledgments

Read the list of acknowledgments again .

Solution plan

Make a plan to solve the problem. Write on a piece of paper the different strategies to develop, however crazy they may seem, and order them from 1 to 10 according to their degree of good sense and effectiveness.

  • The classification of tasks is the most recommendable strategy to follow in times of crisis, because it reduces emotion to the situation, extracts order from convergent chaos and, above all, gives us greater control over the situation.