How to open a bank account online

Each bank has its own rules and procedures, but it is true that all entities share certain requirements to open a bank account online . In .com we have compiled the most important data so that you have one in just a few clicks, so keep an eye on this article.

You will need to:
  • Computer
  • Internet
Steps to follow:


Choose your bank. This decision is very important, for this you have to read carefully all the conditions and be clear about what they will offer you and why they will charge you. So keep in mind all the interests and commissions, depending on your banking profile: you contribute payroll, apply for a mortgage, you want credit or debit cards, you are young or retired ... in order to choose the one that suits you best. The combinations are endless, but if you have your doubts, it is better to take a look at the bank comparators, such as .


Once you have chosen the entity, you should look for a section in which it says «High new», « high client » or similar. And it will directly redirect you to another screen where you have to fill in the data .


What data do you have to give? Quiet, they will ask for you enough but it is a usual procedure, just like if you went personally to the office . You need your name, surname, identity document number, date of birth, email, telephone, address ... All the information you provide will be of that type.


And then? In a few days the bank will send all the necessary documentation to the postal address that you have previously indicated. This shipment will always be done by a courier and will be certified, and for added security, you will be the only person who can pick it up.


Finally, you will have to connect to the network to activate the account and the bank cards that have been sent to you through some activation codes that you have received. And ready! You have everything ready to start trading with your account through the Internet.