What documents need to be carried in the car

You can not drive your vehicle if you do not have your driving license with you , the receipt of the road tax and the vehicle's technical inspection form . Legally, you would be making a violation, which could be sanctioned. In addition, although it is not mandatory, it is recommended that you carry with you the bank receipt that proves that you have paid for the car insurance . Finish reading this article to have all the details.

Steps to follow:


When you go driving with your car (car, motorcycle or any other type of motor vehicle), there are three documents that you must carry with you: -The driver's license.- The receipt of the last payment of the road tax.- The file technical inspection of the vehicle (ITV). If you circulate without any of these three documents you expose yourself to be sanctioned by the police.


Although it is not mandatory, it is advisable that you bring with you the bank receipt corresponding to the last payment of the car receipt. It is the best guarantee you have to prove that your vehicle is insured.


If the police, the Civil Guard or any other security body requests this documentation, give it to them. It is convenient that you always have it together and by hand, in the glove compartment, for example. Make sure you have it in good condition and update it. Also, try not to accumulate unnecessary papers, for your convenience.