Why my motorcycle does not start cold - we tell you

On occasion, it may happen that the motorcycle does not start cold. It is a problem that is quite common. On many occasions, there is no problem or serious damage to the motorcycle. However, other times, it is due to failures or breakdowns in some of the components of the motorcycle or to poor maintenance of the same. Fortunately, these are situations that, in general, have an easy solution and do not require an important financial outlay either. If it has ever happened to you, surely you have asked yourself " why my motorcycle does not start cold? ". Since we answer this question and we give you some advice so that it does not happen again.

The motorcycle does not start cold due to low temperatures and humidity

One of the reasons why the motorcycle does not start cold is due to bad weather. In fact, it is very common that this situation occurs when it has snowed, temperatures are very low for several days or has not stopped raining.

The difficulty occurs mainly because, when it is very cold and for several days in a row, the liquids of the motorcycle, such as brake, oil or water, become more viscous or some may become frozen. This prevents the correct operation of the motorcycle. To prevent the bike from starting cold due to bad weather :

  • It is better that your motorcycle is always protected. That is, it is inside a garage or covered because it will be more protected from cold, snow or rain, as well as frost that may occur at night.
  • The protective cover is another good alternative for these cold days. This way the snow or the rain will not fall directly to him and the cold and the frosts will not hinder so much that start.

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Your motorcycle does not start cold because it lacks maintenance

The maintenance has a direct relationship with the operation of the motorcycle and not only when cold start, but throughout its life. Therefore it is important to take the bike to the workshop periodically and make revisions so that everything is in order.

In fact, the absence of this maintenance is one of the main reasons why the motorcycle does not start cold, especially when it is not used every day or quite often.

In these cases, often, the motorcycle is usually left parked in the garage without moving it for a long time. And this is where another of the problems that answer your question of why my motorbike does not start cold is also?

And is that the batteries are discharged slowly, so it may, if you have not moved the bike for several days, have no battery or very little. In addition, in these cases, less current is generated so it is more difficult to start or get it to work. And that's not all because, consequently, the rest of the parts also move more slowly, also preventing the correct start of the bike.

To avoid it, it is best to move the bike with a certain periodicity, even if they are short distances. In addition, we recommend you read this other article in which we have How to maintain the battery of my motorcycle.

Check the spark plugs if your motorcycle does not start cold

As we have briefly commented in the previous section, the maintenance of the motorcycle is key and, above all, of certain parts and components such as spark plugs. And is that it is another of the most common reasons that explain that the bike does not start cold.

This occurs because the thermal degree of the spark plugs is not adequate, which is more frequent when the motorcycle is used for traveling around the city because this prevents them from running at maximum performance.

A situation that, in turn, causes them to get dirty more frequently and, therefore, you can not start the motorcycle or notice jerks when driving it after starting it. To avoid it:

  • Even if you only use it for the city, it is good that at least once a week you do some travel at a higher speed and a little longer than usual.
  • Disassemble them and clean them with a metallic brushing.
  • Check the electrodes of the spark plug to see that they are in perfect condition. If they are not well, you will have no choice but to change them.

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The motorcycle does not start cold because the engine fails

In addition to the reasons explained above, there is still another explanation as to why the motorcycle does not start cold. And it must not be forgotten that there may also be failures in the engine of the motorcycle .

Normally, it is not the most common, especially when the motorcycle is new. But it is also not 100% discarded because it may have left the dealership with a manufacturing defect or it may have been damaged prematurely for some reason, such as misuse or a minor accident.

In these cases, it is only necessary to go to the workshop to carry out the necessary repair and the motorcycle will work again. They are faults that, in general, tend to be more expensive than changing spark plugs.

With these explanations we hope to have answered your question of why my motorcycle does not start cold? Always remember that it is important to take care of it and keep it in perfect condition so that it works properly and avoid problems like not starting cold.