Where to take the course to recover the points of the driving license

If you are wondering where to take a course to recover the points of the driver's license it is probably that you have already reached the situation where you have lost the entire balance and your driving license has ceased to be in force. If that is the case, we recommend that you also read this article in which we explain what happens when you lose all the points of the card. In addition, in this post in .com we detail how to know where to do a course to recover the points of the driving license.

Steps to follow:


The first thing that you have to be clear about when knowing where to take a course to recover the driving license points is that not all the driving schools are approved to give this training. It does not mean that the rest of the driving schools are worse or better, simply, they were not interested or they did not show up in time to be homologated.


Well, to know where to do a course to retrieve the points of the card you can request information at the Provincial Headquarters of the Directorate General of Traffic, but it is much simpler that you go to the web page of this agency which is www.dgt .is.


Once inside the page, to know the authorized driving schools to carry out courses that allow you to recover your points, you have to click on the icon in the lower right corner, which says "Permission by points".


Then, if you click on the link in the text " Courses and centers to recover points " you will have access to the direct links that will take you to obtain the information depending on where you reside:

  • Catalonia.
  • Basque Country.
  • Rest of Spain.

Choose the access depending on the autonomous community in which you live. The fact that Catalonia and the Basque Country have different accesses is due to the fact that they have transferred part of the competences in terms of traffic.


In the event that you reside at a point that does not belong to Catalonia or the Basque Country, when you select your option to know where to take a course to recover the driver's license points, a search engine will appear in which you will have to enter the following information:

  • Province.
  • Location.
  • Type of course: to recover the card or only points.
  • Dates in which you want to do the training.


The result will be a list of centers, with email and telephone and the option to access more details, which will allow you to know the specific dates for which the course is scheduled to recover the points of the driving license.


Remember, it complies with the rules of circulation and not only to avoid being fined, but, especially, to avoid putting your life at risk, that of your companions and the rest of the people who are driving on the road.