How many beers test positive in a blood alcohol test

When we go out for a drink with friends, many times we want to know how many beers are positive in a blood alcohol test, of course, in case we go to get the car. First of all, from .com we recommend that you follow these road safety tips and never drink if you are going to drive. But in case you want to drink some beers, what should be the limit? Keep reading and find out.

There are no tricks that are worth

We talk about traps and tricks to not test positive in a breath test when we have drunk a drink. The reality is that none of these tricks works, chewing mint gum, eating high calorie foods, running, smoking, nothing prevents you from being positive in a breath test .

The risk of a fatal accident increases with alcohol

We also want to remember that 33% of fatalities in traffic accidents occur because of alcohol, this means that drinking alcohol significantly increases the risk of having or causing a very serious accident. To avoid this, the "undesirable" blood alcohol tests are applied.

How many beers are positive in a breath test

Let's go into the subject, how many beers test positive in a blood alcohol test ? the answer is: It depends, between a single cane and three in the cases of more corpulent people. There are several factors that influence the blood alcohol level and the results of a blood alcohol test:

  • The degree of alcohol in the drink we drink, a beer does not contain much alcohol, or rather a beer is not the drink with more alcohol.
  • The sex of the person, women need to ingest less alcohol to give higher results in breathalyzer tests.
  • Food, the percentage of alcohol in blood decreases if there is more "material" in the blood, this is achieved with a good diet.
  • The body, corpulence or body weight of the person is one of the factors that influence alcohol levels, the larger the person and the more muscle mass he has, the less effect alcohol makes.

As a tip, consume only one beer without alcohol, the rest of the drinks will immediately give you a positive Breathalyzer test and endanger your safety.