How to make a creative resume

In these times, unfortunately a good curriculum has become any one, for that reason we must stand out from the others. If you want to know how to make a creative resume, you have to focus on the most important details and put yourself in the shoes of who can hire you. At .com we will show you how to get your attention and earn points so you can get the job you are applying for.

Analyze the position

For example, if you want to teach and hold workshops with children, you can include all the information in a game . If you see what you are capable of in a curriculum, you will not even imagine the creative possibilities in a real case.

Analyze the company

For example, if this is advertising, why do not you act like them? Send them advertisements, brochures, propaganda ... which includes all your previous experience, skills and training. Make a powerful campaign to make you see and listen, so you will show that you can act in everyday situations.

How to get them to remember you?

The curriculum does not have to appear on a sheet of paper . Why do not you include the most relevant information in a cookie package? If you think that humor and wit are key, lean on word games; a lighter with your most outstanding commissions can also serve to demonstrate the "spark" you have. You can distribute all this in strategic places and, when you least expect it, people who have it can use your resume and they will remember you.

It draws attention

Some success stories have gone through having previously called the attention of the bosses. For example, a man sent his resume with a shoe to get "put a foot in the company" or a woman sent a cake to the president of a large company with his resume based on chocolate letters.