How to process the T-12

If you live in Barcelona or in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona and have children, it really suits you to get a T12 transportation card . The T12 card is a personalized transport card for children from 4 to 12 years old that allows them to make an unlimited number of trips on the public transport network of Barcelona within the child's rate zone of residence. The card is not free since its processing costs € 35, but even if the child uses public transport, it is on account since it can be used unlimitedly on all journeys from 4 to 12 years old. The T12 card can be obtained in person or electronically. To process the T12, follow the following steps:

You will need to:
  • ID card or passport of the child card holder
  • Photocopy of the DNI (on both sides) or passport of the child or scanned image (for online processing)
  • Envelope and seal
  • € 35 or credit card for online processing
Steps to follow:


To process the T12 you first need to fill out the application form. You can obtain this form on the website (click on "rates and targetes" and then on "Targeta T-12") at the citizen's offices of the town hall and at the customer service offices of the services of public transport. Some town halls send the form home by mail when the child turns 4 years old according to the data that appear in the municipal register.


Fill out the application form and sign it.


Go to an office of Catalunya Caixa with the completed application form. When making the payment of € 35 they will seal the form.


Put the sealed form and a photocopy on both sides of the DNI or passport of the child and send it by ordinary mail to: Card T12. Apartat de correus FD-5, 08080 Barcelona


The T12 card can also be processed online at click on "rates and targetes" and then on "Targe T-12" clicking on the link "Veure sol-licitud" after selecting the residence population of the child the editable form will appear.


You must attach a scanned image of the child's ID or passport.


You can make the payment of € 35 per credit card through the same website.


Although you process the card online, you must print a signed copy of the application and send it by mail to: Targeta T12 Apartat de correus FD-5 08080 Barcelona.


Within 30 days you will receive the personalized T12 card with the child's name, the DNI, the fare zone and the expiration date. Keep in mind that the card will be sent to the address that you have placed as the residence of the child holding the card.


Residents in the first crown of the integrated public transport fare system of the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona can find out the status of their processing by calling 010

  • The child must validate his T12 card on each journey.
  • In case of malfunction of the card the renewal is free, but you will have to pay back the € 35 in case of loss, theft or change of area.
  • City councils send the form to the house by mail enclosed in the envelope with the information and the residence flyer to be able to process the ID of the child