How to get your driving license

Almost everyone at the time of taking the driver's license we went to a driving school that is responsible for guiding us on all the steps we have to follow. However, in order to save something, we must know that we have the opportunity to present ourselves for free to the theoretical exam. In .com we give you an answer to the question of how to get your driver's license .

Steps to follow:


Whichever way we choose, we always have to go to a medical center to issue a certificate after performing a series of sight, hearing and psychomotor tests to check that our health conditions make us fit to drive. a car


If we want to study the theoretical part for free, we have to buy a book with the subject. There are several publishers that offer it. It is convenient that we opt for one that includes updated tests to get the driver's license, although it will not be difficult for us to find one online. The DGT itself offers them on its website.


When we are ready to take the theoretical driving test, we must go to the provincial DGT address that corresponds to us and pay the 86 euros that gives us the right to review, in two calls. If we spend the two calls without approving, we will have to pay another 86 euros. It should be noted that these calls are for practice and theoretical .


Once the theoretical driving test is passed, we will have to present ourselves in a driving school, since to go to the practical test we must have a double-headed car and a teacher who controls it.


Although we know how to drive, it is also not advisable that we go to the practical exam to get a driver's license without doing a single practice with a professional, as their experience will allow us to offer advice to pass the test without problems.