How to drive safely

For many people driving is a pleasure. However, we must remember that the car is not a toy, so driving requires concentration and responsibility. There are many factors to consider when we go behind the wheel, from the weather conditions to being accompanied by children or pregnant women.

However, we must always respect traffic regulations and try to ensure maximum safety for all passengers. Therefore, we have prepared an article with the most important points to know how to drive safely .

How to drive on a long trip

A car is just a machine, therefore we can only expect it to react as such. However, we are not, so we must take action before getting behind the wheel. Next, we bring you a series of tips to drive safely on the road, especially when we make long trips:

  • Take breaks : it is very important to get into the vehicle as rested as possible and, if we are going to face a long trip, schedule a break every two hours in order to rest the mind and regain strength.
  • Beware of coffee : following the advice above, do not trust coffee if you are tired. Caffeine and other stimulant drinks are useful for a few hours. But after a while, the so-called rebound effect can occur, especially if you take too much. It is best to stop every two hours and rest the necessary time, as indicated in the previous point.
  • Avoid copious meals : also, after eating we should avoid taking the car, since a copious meal usually leads to fatigue, which is the worst companion for a driver. In this way, in case you have to drive yes or yes, it is best to eat something light.
  • The safety belt : this is another key point to drive safely. It is essential that you put the belt on any journey, however short it may be. A seatbelt can save many lives.
  • The child seats : also, if you travel with children you must ensure their safety by using seats. These have to be appropriate to their weight and height, rather than their age. If you have children, as they get older you will have to replace them, until finally they no longer need them.

This fact is so important for the safety that some models of cars like KIA Motors have advanced fatigue detection systems, which tell us when we should stop along the way.

How to drive a car and avoid fines

Before starting engines and embarking on a trip, it is very important that you review every aspect of your car, especially if you intend to make a long journey:

  • The ITV : remember to pass the ITV if you have it pending. If you have already passed it, check that everything works correctly. Check the brakes, the pressure of the wheels, the fuel level, try turning on the lights to make sure they go well and, above all, adjust the mirrors well to minimize any blind spots.
  • Traffic signs : it is also important that once on the road you pay attention to traffic signals and keep yourself at the right speed. In this way, you will avoid fines for speeding, in addition to increasing safety in driving.
  • Move carefully : make overtaking safely using the lane intended for it. Remember that it does not matter to arrive soon, but to arrive alive.
  • The use of the mobile : use the phone only if your vehicle allows you to use the hands-free. Otherwise, you would be committing a very serious recklessness that could not only cost you your life, but also a good fine.
  • Do not smoke : since it is very important to avoid all kinds of distractions at the wheel, if you are a smoker, try to smoke during stops, not while driving. Besides that you could get a ticket for smoking while driving, it is also very dangerous, since you can get burned and have an accident on the road.
  • No alcohol : it is essential not to drink alcohol or any other type of drug. The sanction to this type of faults is very serious, since we are endangering our lives and that of other drivers.

Any of these incidents can make you lose many points in your driving license. For more information, you may also be interested in this other article on How to avoid traffic tickets.

How to drive with snow, rain and fog

We must also mention the subject of meteorology. The inclement weather is a fundamental fact when it comes to ensuring safe driving. The best advice is to check the weather report for the days you plan to take the car.

If you face some adverse weather phenomenon, you should use common sense, exercise extreme caution and take the necessary safety measures. Depending on the area where you are going to move, you will be able to find rain, fog and even terrible and unexpected snowfalls.

Our advice is to prepare your vehicle for any possible situation. Bring snow chains and a spare wheel are some basic tips to survive this type of incident.

However, some vehicles, such as the case of KIA Motors, also include fog lights with cornering function (the light is directed at the end of the curve so you do not come across any surprises), which will increase your safety in cases of difficult weather conditions .

For more information, you can read this other article on How to drive with ice.

What is the safest car

Finally, if you are thinking of buying a new car, we recommend that you choose a model that bets for the maximum safety of the driver. The brands of cars have bet, now more than ever, to research and invest in new security technologies . These will reduce the possibility of accidents through innovative systems such as the following:

  • Rail maintenance assistance system.
  • Dead angle detection system.
  • Fatigue detection system.
  • Parking assistance cameras (SPA).

Brands like KIA Motors are already adding all these systems in their vehicles. Because the goal is always to ensure that we reach our destination, safe and sound.

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