How to teach my dog ​​to sleep in his bed

Although sleeping with your dog may be a beautiful experience, fun and full of tenderness, it is always advisable to teach your pet to sleep in his bed . Maybe one day you have sleep problems, or your pet has to sleep in another house where you can not snuggle in the same bed of the owners. That is why it is important to get down to work to teach your dog to sleep in his bed and get him to be independent and able to be calm. Keep reading because in this article of .com we explain it to you in detail.

Steps to follow:


As we have said, sleeping with your dog is a very nice experience in which you will strengthen ties, what happens is that if you always get used to sleeping with you in your bed you will never be able to do it on your own.

When a dog arrives at your house one of the most important decisions is whether to let it sleep or not in the family bed, it is a very personal matter, but it will determine your future rest. Your pet will obey any order you give as long as you are consistent and consistent .


It is essential that you keep consistency in everything you say and do . You can not scold him one day because he gets on your bed and another day give him a huge hug when he goes up, because you will be causing an impressive confusion. Your dog will not be able to understand what is right.

Once your pet enters your house, the most normal thing is to choose several favorite resting places, and if that site is not convenient for the reason you consider, you will have to make it understood. So you should indicate from the beginning what is the place where you should sleep and put the bed in the place you want. If you have seen that you like to be near the window, the sofa or your bed, put your bed close.


You must have ready, before your pet arrives at your house, a comfortable bed that fits the size of your dog . You may not hit the first one, but try to make it wide, fluffy and warm.

If when your dog comes home you do not have a bed for him, look for a quilt that you do not use and make a good mattress with her even if it is for the moment. Once you put the bed in a quiet place and the pleasure of your dog, try to be a zone of little step, silent and conducive to respect your rest. When your dog wants to sleep, do not go to wake him up so he can play, so that he knows that this is the place to sleep. You must let him sleep, in this way you will avoid the contradictory messages.

You can also create your own resting place, in our article how to make a dog bed we give you some ideas to get it.


If your dog enters the house being a puppy you will have to be firm and energetic with the teaching, but never with aggressiveness. Dogs learn through repetition and positive reinforcement through prizes designed for dogs.

You will have to teach clearly what is the place to sleep, if you do well you can reward him every time he sits in his bed. But if you persist in sleeping in your bed, you will have to tell him to come down, if you are patient and repeat the order he will end up not going to your bed. However, when an adult dog enters your home it will be more difficult for you to get it especially if you have never obeyed that order and have slept anywhere, so you will have to focus much more on your training to get it.


The way to proceed for your dog to sleep in his bed is this:

  • Grab some treats and your dog's leash if needed, but you can call him and caress him while.
  • Approach your bed and encourage him to enter, make him lie down gently and leave a prize aside.
  • Repeat the command "bed" and continue stroking his back. Again, make him get out of bed and repeat the operation.
  • Try saying his name while you encourage him to use the bed and say some kind word. Once you get to bed and sit down, give him a treat again and repeat the whole process.

You may have to do this for several days, but eventually you will go to bed on your own. Your bed should be full of positive associations and good experiences. Remember every day that your dog has his exercise routine, do his needs and have a good diet so he is more predisposed to rest in his special place.