How to buy an abandoned car

Knowing how to buy an abandoned car will allow you to have a vehicle that, without a doubt, its owner or previous owner is no longer interested in owning. You can find the case that the former owner has canceled the car or, on the contrary, still appears in the records of the Traffic Department. To help you in this process, in .com we explain how to buy an abandoned car.

Steps to follow:


As we say, one of the most important steps to buy an abandoned car is to know if it still has a registered owner or if, on the contrary, the previous owner canceled it and the car no longer has an official owner.


To know with certainty this data so relevant to buy an abandoned car, you must go to the General Directorate of Traffic to request an informative note about the vehicle. To provide you with the information, you will only have to provide your identification and the registration number of the car.


In the event that the car has been discharged by its previous owner, you will find yourself in a difficult situation. An alternative may be to go to a notary with 2 witnesses and indicate that you have been in charge of the car for more than 2 years. In this way, the notary could give you the ownership of the vehicle, since it does not have an owner.


If the informative note of the General Directorate of Traffic includes a car owner, you will have it easier to buy the abandoned car . Based on the information provided, usually the name and address, you can contact this person and agree to change ownership.


In order for the abandoned car to become yours, you must make a transfer to the General Directorate of Traffic, a step that is administratively known as a change of ownership. To be able to take this step, you must pay all taxes or other charges that may weigh on the car. Read this article in which we explain all the steps you must take to make the change of ownership of the car.


Since the person has left the car, it probably does not even interest you to pay a price for the car and it will be enough for you to pay for all the taxes that entails the change of ownership and payments that the vehicle may have pending .


Before making any payment for the abandoned car, make sure you have sufficient technical conditions to pass the ITV. If you follow all these steps, the process will be a success and you can get the vehicle you want.