How to exchange your Colombian driver's license in Spain

If you are a Colombian national and you want to exchange your driving license in Spain, you can do it without any problem, as long as you have not issued it in your country of origin once you have your authorized residence in Spain. And is that with a few simple steps, the swap can be done in a short time and so be able to drive without problems on the roads of our country. To know how to exchange your Colombian driver's license in Spain, pay attention to the steps we take to make the process simple and effective.

Steps to follow:


Before starting any procedure to exchange your Colombian driver's license in our country, you must have a valid identity document in Spain and be registered as a resident in this country. Once you have your documentation in order, you can start with the management of the exchange of your card.


With your identity document valid in this country, you can already request an appointment through the website of the General Directorate of Traffic or by calling 060. There you will be given time to go to one of the offices in the city where you reside to begin the process of exchanging your driver's license.

With the previous appointment we will only ensure the initiation of the procedure but it will be Colombia who, finally, according to the validity of your card in your own country to be able to exchange it in Spain.


On the day of the appointment that you have requested by Internet or phone previously, you will have to provide the necessary documentation to process your administration:

  • The request for the exchange of driving license, which you can print from the DGT website or request it at the offices.
  • Pay the fee that is required for this type of procedure.
  • Original identity document in force.
  • A residence authorization in Spain.
  • Psychophysical aptitude report that you can obtain in a recognition center for drivers, located mostly near the DGT office in your city.
  • Driving license in original force and photocopy.
  • A current original color photograph of 32x26 mm that you can make yourself in a photo booth or professional photographer.
  • The heel photo well completed and signed in its corresponding box.


In case another person comes for you to exchange your Colombian driver's license, you must carry your identification document and your authorization to start the process, although you can not get close to doing it.


According to the agreement that Spain has signed with different countries, including Colombia, professional driving permits can be exchanged as long as additional tests are carried out that will depend on Colombia in this case.

You must also provide proof of having worked at least six months in Spain as a professional driver with the relevant documents on your contribution to Social Security.


The exchange of the Colombian driver's license will not be obtained if the person who wants to apply has a history of serious or very serious infractions as a driver.