How to save for a car

Are mornings on public transport unsustainable? Do you want to have a new car but still do not know what to do to save? Keep reading, then we give you a series of recommendations so that you can realize the dream of the new car. Just put into practice these useful tips that we offer you in, safely you can save for a new or second hand car and get that vehicle you want so much.

First the budget

The way to start generating your new vehicle plan should start with knowing the car model and, of course, the price of it . Although they seem obvious indications, this is the most important, since according to the model of the car you can pay is that you can make the necessary adjustments if you had to cut budget.

It is also convenient to think about alternatives such as buying a second hand vehicle, financing methods or, in case of deciding on a new agency car, to define aspects such as color, accessories and engine.

Surprise elements

As if it were a marketing plan, you have to take into account the other expenses involved in the acquisition of a vehicle from insurance, parking, monthly payments (if on credit), fuel expense, maintenance and any other unforeseen event that may arise with the vehicle.

Tighten the pockets

To be able to save to buy a car, identify the expenses that you do that are not necessary and reduce them: eat in restaurants, buy clothes, pay a sports club that you do not attend, make purchases of apps that you do not need or simply spend less on your usual purchase That is, decrease all those expenses in which you could invest less money and sum in favor of the budget for the car.

New money entries

Surely you can have some extra income with an activity that you have been doing for a long time, or accept more projects in your work, sell some equipment or objects that you do not use, etc. These are strategies that will help you to deposit extra money in your account so you can save to buy a car .

You will probably have to invest more time working and more efforts, but in the end you will achieve a desired and satisfactory result.

Visualize your car

To visualize your new car with your mind -even though it seems like a foolishness from beyond, from the law of attraction and other mystical beliefs- will put your brain to work and control your actions according to the final objective . You can use a photo of the model of the car and put it as wallpaper on your computer, your mobile, your tablet or put it on your office desk. That will put you in the right spirit, helping to concentrate your efforts according to your desire.

  • Trimming is fundamental. From the money you spend on leisure and free time consumption, to the money spent or wasted at home.
  • Internet is a great tool to help you in your decision. You can use it to get an online insurance comparison and choose the best and cheapest one; and you can also find the best offer of cars in classified ads or second hand.
  • Start on the Internet to obtain estimated costs of the different car brands that exist in the market. This allows you to visualize the price of your car according to its characteristics, as well as to test vehicles, etc. and thus be able to compare to the maximum.
  • The piggy bank or the piglet are also a very valid and lifelong option. There all the coins that are left in the pockets, in the purses and in the bottom of the bags are destined.