How to save gas with apps

Apart from the different tips to follow to save fuel, with, for example, our driving, we can also do it from our smartphone thanks to the use of some simple apps . In addition, all these applications can be found for free through the android system, allowing you to save from the beginning. Nowadays, getting spend less money on any detail is very important, in .com we are aware of this and we inform you about how to save gas with apps .

RACC Infotransit

This application developed by RACC is very complete, not only focusing on the nearby gas stations and their price, but also shows speed radars and the situation of the Spanish road network in real time, and can even see images from the cameras of the General Directorate of Traffic .

PRO Fuel

Fuel PRO is a simple app that focuses on giving information about the price of gasoline in the Spanish territory. In addition, it allows to locate the gas stations on the map, making a sample by colors: green cheap gas stations; orange gas stations with average price; red gas stations with high prices.


With GASOFA we can know the prices of the different gas stations collecting data from the Ministry of Industry . You can make different classifications or searches, by price or by proximity, offering the possibility of guiding you to the chosen gas station.

Cheap Gasoline Z-GASOREDUX

With this application we can order gas stations for multiple options (price, proximity, type of gasoline, etc.), giving specific information on each of these.


WHATGAS Prices provides information on nearby gas stations and their prices in countries throughout Europe, such as Spain, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, etc.

Cheap Gas Stations

The advantage offered by this app is focused on the daily update of the prices of all gasolines. In addition, it also allows you to indicate the discounts that can be made in some of the stations so you can compare the final price you will pay, being able to find stations where discounts are made.

Gasoline APP

The strong point of Gasoline APP is in the daily updates of the prices and in showing the evolution of the prices, both ascents and descents. It also highlights the possibility of establishing possible routes to reach the chosen gas station.

GAS Price ESP Lite

It is a totally Spanish application that locates the cheapest gas stations in a wide radius from one location. The problem is in advertising, since it is the Lite version, although you can pay for the full version, which allows the removal of advertising.