5 errors of driving in the rain that you should avoid

Some bad driving habits may not cause problems when the street is dry but they are so deeply ingrained to some drivers that it is very difficult to get rid of them when Mother Nature shows her power with a torrential rain. Below we will detail the 5 errors of driving in rain that you must avoid to manage your car safely and be protected against any weather conditions.

Do not drive to the sides of the road

The roads are built to be higher in the center. The difference may be slight, but it causes the water to drain and drain to the edges. If you are driving with rain and you want to avoid stagnant water, it means that you must be where there is no water, that is, in the middle of the road. Maybe the center is not dry, especially if it's still raining, but it's going to be the driest place of all .

In this article we give you more tips on how to drive with rain safely .

Do not turn off the lights

The headlights help us see what is in front of us, something like a pair of large flashlights that do not need a battery replacement every time the power is cut off. Actually, when it's raining you need your headlights even during the day so that other people can see you.

You should also avoid dazzling with high lights. Remember that on the track you are not the only driver trying to find your way.

Do not drive if you do not see

Well, this seems obvious but is not it amazing that so many people do not use their brains?

It does not matter if you know the road that you could drive blindfolded so well, you should not drive while there is too much water on the windshield. If you do not see forward, you do not know what is there. When visibility is low, get off the road as soon as possible and wait.

Your car is not a boat

If you see water flowing across the road from one side to the other and you do not know how deep the "river" is, do not try to cross it. Every year, unfortunate drivers understand that their car will not be harmed by a puddle of water but they will find that it was deeper than expected. Then they are dragged and desperately looking for a tree branch to grab to escape through the window.

In this article we discover what are the most frequent driving errors.

Slow down to avoid "aquaplaning"

Speed ​​limits exist to tell you how safe driving is in good conditions. When conditions are bad and roads are wet, speed limits are not worth anything. Drive far below them - and the worse the conditions are, the lower the speed at which you must drive.

The worst of the dangers of driving too fast in the rain is aquaplaning . It's what happens when the car thinks it's a boat while it's still on the road. Typically, tires can cut their way through the water in front of them and stay in contact with the road surface. But when the road is wet and you are going too fast, your car can start to float on the surface of the water and the tread of the tire loses contact with the surface of the road. This is bad.

When the tread loses contact with the surface of the road, it can no longer be steered. It can not be stopped anymore . This is what happens with aquaplaning.

What happens if you can not avoid it? Do not step on the brake because that only makes things worse . Release the accelerator so that any remaining traction can decrease your speed. And go straight. Do not try to turn. If the car is turning in a direction that you do not want to go, do not fight against it, you just have to follow your wheels. And when the car brakes suddenly (almost magically), it will return control.