How to deworm a dog with garlic

If you have a dog, one of the most important veterinary care, apart from the appropriate vaccines, are deworming. It is mandatory to keep your pet free of parasites to protect him from diseases and prevent him from infecting other animals. Generally, antiparasitic products are chemical, but you can also resort to some effective natural remedy. If you want to use an alternative method so that your dog does not suffer from parasitic infestations, we recommend that you continue reading, because we are going to talk to you about a natural way to deworm your pet. In this .com article we explain how to deworm a dog with garlic.

Steps to follow:


There are several natural remedies to deworm a dog and one of the most popular is garlic. But, first of all, we want to remind you that we are talking about the health of your dog, so any issue related to your well-being, you should talk to your trusted veterinarian first . Do not make any decision unilaterally, you should always advise yourself before self-medicating your dog naturally.

Garlic if you administer it with great caution is as effective as ivermectin, you can give it half a day or up to 2 cloves of garlic depending on the weight of your dog. Ivermectin is the most well-known antiparasitic treatment, it is used to treat the different types of ectoparasites that cause scabies and also to combat the endoparasites that cause stomach, metabolic, cardiac, gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases. Once ivermictine enters the body, it regulates the action of the parasites found, making it a very effective medicine to fight external and internal parasites.


Garlic is considered a very special and beneficial ingredient for health, is conducive to blood circulation, rehabilitates the intestinal flora, has a high antioxidant potential and, in addition, is a powerful insect repellent. In fact, there are companies that sell garlic in tablets or granules. Garlic in dogs has antibacterial properties in the intestinal tract, increases resistance and delays cell aging, is also an effective repellent of ticks and other insects that can attack your dog's defenses.


Before using garlic as a dewormer, it is convenient to talk to a veterinarian, as there is some belief that garlic in certain doses can be toxic to dogs. However, for the health of your pet to be damaged should take a very high amount of this food, should take doses of more than 1 kilo and a half, which is outrageous.


The reality is that garlic can have very positive effects on the health of your dog and the recommended dose to use garlic as a dewormer should be 4 grams or a little more depending on the weight of your pet.

To deworm your dog with garlic, the best method is to do it naturally with food. It is best to chop those 4 grams of garlic very finely and mix it with the feed you are used to, and always taking into account the weight of your dog. To combat parasites of your pet, you must maintain the treatment for at least 1 week and put in your feed 1 or 2 cloves of garlic.


Apart from garlic, there are more natural components that can work as a potent remedy against parasites. There are grapefruit seeds, you can administer 5 to 10 drops per 5 kilos of weight and always mixed with food, or crushed pumpkin seeds, from which you can give a spoonful for every 5 kilos of weight.

Other natural remedies to dewor your dog are chamomile, black walnut and Oregon grape. Chamomile is effective to expel worms, black walnut is an herb that if you use it with caution is perfect to eliminate any intestinal parasite, and the Oregon grape is a method widely used to fight against parasites and very useful as an antibiotic tonic.