Drinks for adult parties

Are you organizing a party at home ? If you want a celebration in style, it is very clear that being aware of every detail is very important, and something that we can never leave aside is food and drink . Of course you can simply put on the table a bottle of any liquor and stay so calm, but if you want to offer alternatives for everyone then you should consider some options that combine economy and good taste. Fortunately at .com we know a lot about parties, so we give you some ideas for adult party drinks that will surely please everyone.

Summer red

The summer red is the perfect adult party drink for those who do not want to complicate themselves too much. To prepare it you only need a bottle of red wine of your choice, although it should not be a reservation but rather a young one, lemon soda, lemon slices, ice and a touch of vermouth.

Mix the wine and the soda in a jug and in equal parts, add a finger of vermouth, slices of lemon and ice. In a few seconds you will have a fresh summer red and perfect for your party.


The mojito has become a classic: refreshing, sweet and delicious. It is a cocktail that, in addition, does not imply great economic expenses because to elaborate it you only need white rum, brown or white sugar, mint, lime, water with gas and ice, so simple! What is certain is that you must have some ability to make a good drink, so to get it, we invite you to watch our video how to make a mojito correctly, with the essential tricks to make it delicious.


The Spanish classic can not be absent from the list of drinks for an adult party, and that is that the sangria, like the red wine of summer, is made easily and with a young wine, offering a refreshing result that also usually yields quite.

To make a good pitcher of sangria you need fruits like orange, apple, lemon, pineapple or strawberry chopped into pieces, a young wine, soda and ice. Mixing all this you will get this refreshing cocktail, but if you want to know the step by step in detail then you can read our article how to make a fruit sangria. And remember that you can also prepare this same drink with cava with a delicious result.


Do some guests at your party not tolerate alcohol very well? Nothing happens, and that is that the spritzer is one of those little drinks that happens very light, that is delicious and that, above all, is very easy to make. To do so, you will simply need white wine, a little soda to dilute it, ice and a slice of lemon to give it an acidic and refreshing touch.

Soft, fresh and delicious, it is the ideal drink for those who enjoy being hosts but without complications.

Citric Gintonic

A whole classic! The fans of the gintonic know how delicious it is to get to the party of any friend and tell us that, among the drinks of the night, there is the possibility of preparing this cocktail so fashionable today.

There are so many ways to make a gin and taste to drink it, but without a doubt the most classic is the one that mixes a part of gin, a part of tonic, lemon and a lot of ice. However, this is not the only way to drink it, so if you want to give it an original touch you can experiment with other options that we give you, discover how to make a floral gin and how to prepare a gin and cinnamon.


The rum is a true delight, especially for those who love sweet drinks. But of all of them, the cubalibre is the classic, a very easy alternative to prepare and with basic ingredients so that anyone can make it.

Of course, you should know that in addition to dark rum, cola, lime and ice, the real and delicious cubalibre has a bitter Angostura touch that will help balance the flavors to create a delicious drink. Do you need a guide to make it perfect ?, then we invite you to consult our article how to prepare a cubalibre.

Classic drinks

In addition to these cocktails, there are other classic adult party drinks that you can consider serving:

  • Red and / or white wine
  • Pure whiskey, with water, with soda or cola drink depending on your tastes.
  • The classic screwdriver, vodka with orange juice.

Drinks without alcohol

Also, non-alcoholic beverages can not be missed, as there are guests who may not want to drink, so it is important to have some options reserved such as:

  • Refreshments
  • Tonics
  • Juices
  • Water with or without gas
  • Alcohol-free drinks like San Francisco, alcohol-free mojito or non-alcoholic daiquiri.