How much deworming my cat

Both internal and external parasites are the big enemies of our pets, and cats are no exception. And it is important to apply a deworming calendar from the first weeks, this way we will keep you free of diseases that can seriously compromise your health. Do not know how often to do it and what to keep in mind? In .com we explain how much to deworm your cat .

Why is it important to deworm my cat?

Internal parasites, such as worms or intestinal parasites, and external parasites such as ticks or fleas, can put at risk the health of your pet, which is why it is important to deworm the animal periodically to prevent these organisms from affecting their welfare. It is never recommended to wait for the cat to have parasites to apply the treatment, and that is the prevention key to the health of your cat. That is why it is important to follow medical recommendations closely and respect the deworming calendar .

How much to deworm a puppy cat

A cat must be dewormed for the first time at 6 weeks of age, from that moment we must deworm it every two weeks until the cat reaches 3 months. It is very important to follow this procedure closely at this stage because the puppy is very vulnerable to internal parasites, which if attacked during the first weeks of life can seriously affect their health.

During this stage the most common is deworming an animal through a product in drops.

How much to deworm an adult cat

From 3 months and upwards, cats should be dewormed every 3 or 4 months, regardless of whether the animal is totally domestic or not. Those cats that do not leave home are also at risk of getting parasites because in our shoes or clothes we can take with us larvae of different parasites that can reach our pet and affect it.

Cats that go out to the garden or even live outdoors, absent from time to time, are at greater risk of contracting parasites and diseases by hunting prey such as birds or mice, or by being in contact with other animals. In these cases it is especially important to be alert to the first symptoms of parasites to apply the appropriate treatment.

Deworm the cat

It is important to follow closely the indications of the veterinarian to eliminate or prevent parasites in your pet, however it is also important to be clear about the most common alternatives for the treatment of this condition. That is why in our article how to deworm my cat we explain it to you in detail.