How often to cut the nails to the cat

Cut the cat's nails is a process that undoubtedly is not simple, but it is necessary to carry out if we want the animal does not take our furniture or personal objects as their scraper, destroying them. In addition, we also reduce the possibility that during the game the cat can scratch us, so we contribute to our own safety. But a common question among the owners of this pet is how often to cut the nails to the cat, a question that we answer in .com.

Accustom the cat to this procedure

Some cat owners declare that it is impossible for them to cut their pet's nails because the animal does not allow it. This happens because we did not make this procedure become a habit for the cat since he was a puppy, so after some time the animal will resist.

The first three months of life of the cat are considered as their stage of socialization, so everything you teach during those months can be learned easily. It is during this period that it is recommended to incorporate the habit of cutting the nails, since if you do it later it is very likely that the animal will resist.

Aspects that influence when cutting the nails

There are some aspects that can determine the frequency with which it will be necessary to cut the cat's nails, among them:

  • If the animal has homemade scrapers to strengthen their nails and reduce the possibility of scratching furniture or other surfaces.
  • If the cat is completely domestic or if it goes out on the street, transiting surfaces such as concrete for example.

If the animal is completely domestic and also does not have scrapers at home, you should cut your nails about once a week, so it is best to incorporate some scrapers in your home to reduce that frequency and relieve the need for animal to mark its territory with the nails.

How often to cut the nails to the cat

If the cat has scrapers at home with which to reduce the length of their nails while playing, then it will be necessary to cut the nails every 15 days approximately to avoid that, being very long and causing discomfort, the animal decides to tear other surfaces in order to file them.

If you have used your cat from puppy to this process, it will not take more than a couple of minutes to do it.

Advice and suggestions

However, it is important to keep in mind some recommendations so that cutting your cat's nails does not become a traumatic experience for you or the animal. Remember that you always have to do it with special scissors and never with the ones we use. In our articles how to pay the cat's nails and how to take care of them, you will find some opportune recommendations about this topic.