What is Philosophy

Who has not ever wondered what is what they call "Philosophy"? We know that it is a compulsory subject in the Baccalaureate and that most students do not like it, but can we really define what it consists of? It is true that this activity is related to thinking, that is, we know that philosophizing is thinking. Human beings, by our nature, we can not stop thinking, we do it constantly and before all kinds of things and situations. We do it most of the time to find a solution to our problems before which we do not know how to act. From .com, based on this idea, we will explain what is Philosophy .

Uncover the truth

From the beginning of our existence, men have raised the truth of everything that surrounds us. We have tried to explain everything, from the existence of objects used in everyday life to the secrets of the Universe.

Learning to live

Man, from his origins, has had to create a life, build and maintain it, a stable life, as comfortable and happy as possible. This constant work has led us to question how to live in the best possible way.

Love of wisdom

Knowledge is something that invades us, it is the question that men constantly ask us about everything that allows us to live as well as possible, but also we are assailed by doubts in certain fields of knowledge that we do not need to live and curiosity towards them. It makes us inform, read and learn many new things.

Our ability to reflect

Many times, when we go to the movies, read a book or in any other situation, we discover new stories that may or may not like us, that can teach us and awaken our curiosity. Before these stories we think, we reflect, we create our own opinion .

Explain the changes

Like life itself, everything that makes up our world changes constantly and, sometimes, unexpectedly and unpredictably. There are times when we did not expect these changes, which comes as a surprise. Given this, man, from its origins, has needed to find an explanation that gives meaning to this constant movement.

Doubt and admiration

Summarizing all the points previously seen and considering what they have in common, we will say that it is the admiration before certain things and the doubts that arise in our lives, those responsible for the man to think, and therefore philosophize.

Its meaning, according to the dictionary

According to the etymology or meaning of the word "Philosophy", it is defined as the "love of wisdom". "Filo" is love and "Sofia", wisdom. The desire to know, the desire for knowledge, to explore the unknown and solve all our doubts. The definition corresponds to the conclusion we reached in the previous point, so we already know what Philosophy is.

  • Develop a reflective and critical mind before everything that surrounds us.
  • Read works of a varied theme and create an opinion of their own.
  • History can make us understand why philosophers thought the way they did.
  • Give a proper definition of what Philosophy is.
  • The above tips will help us develop our ability to think and reflect.