How to care for a saltwater fish

Do you want to give the best care to your saltwater fish ? Marine fish require special care and different from freshwater, it is not complicated but there are some guidelines to follow to keep their environment clean, safe and stable. If you follow these tips you will see how you will create a perfect habitat for your pets to have the best of lives. In .com we explain how to take care of a saltwater fish .

Steps to follow:


One of the first care you should give your saltwater fish is to control the level of salt in the aquarium . For your fish to live well in your fish tank the salt level must be between 1, 020 and 1, 023 so that it does not affect them negatively, for this you will have to use a salinity meter for sale at any pet store.

Another aspect that you must keep in mind is that you watch that the fish are all compatible. Although marine fish usually do not present major problems, there are some species that can not be together because they are very territorial, because of their different sizes or because they simply can not remain in the same habitat. The clown fish can be kept in pairs and should always be together from the first moment to avoid risks. For example, the surgeon fish, if it is a small aquarium, only one of this species is recommended.


To take good care of your saltwater fish, you will have to load the aquarium just right, so when you buy it seriously think about the amount of fish you want to have inside. Each fish needs 3.7 liters of water and if it is a large species may need more volume of liquid, taking into account this, you can get the idea of ​​the ideal dimensions of the aquarium.

Another important consideration is that you feed all your marine fish equally . It is possible that if you mix faster fish with others that are not so fast, not everyone will eat, so try to pay attention and that everyone is well fed. It is also very important that the aquarium has access to natural light, place the cabin where the sun gives indirect light.


To give the best care to your marine fish, you must regulate and control the temperature of the water . Saltwater fish must live in waters with temperatures between 15 and 27 degrees, you will have to buy a heater and a thermostat to control the state of the water. For your saltwater pets to be well, you should be especially careful with the frequent cleaning of the aquarium, so it is recommended to change the water, once a week. But you must not change everything, with 40% of the water will be enough.

Additionally once a month you will have to clean all the aquarium in depth to eliminate all the excrement and remains that have been deposited in the gravel. In our article how to clean an aquarium we explain step by step how to do it.


And finally, you must take care of the environment for your marine fish. When you recreate a perfect environment for your fish in the bottom of the tank, try to make it very natural so that you do not feel in a strange habitat. Place corals, stones and natural plants so they feel like they are at home.