How to make an exquisite corpse

The exquisite corpses were a very common lounge game among surrealist environments, because they allowed to build stories or make works of art that broke with everything established. Now they can be a perfect idea to use as a party game for all ages. You only need paper and a pen. So you know how to make this game so intellectual, in .com we explain how to make an exquisite corpse.

Steps to follow:


An exquisite corpse is a joint artistic work . It can be a drawing or a story, which is the most usual and the simplest. We explain how to write a story using the exquisite corpse technique.


The only thing you need to do this activity is one or several pens and paper. Some paper chips will be more comfortable than a folio, since they will allow you to better comply with the rules of the game .


Each of the participants has to write a part of the story, but can not read what the previous participants have written. That is, to write the continuation you can only read the end of the story, what has just been written.


In short, a first participant writes the beginning of the story. You can not read it up, so that others do not know what is being written about.


This participant passes the story to the next one, which reads what has just been written and writes the continuation. The next writer of this joint story can only read what the previous one has written (but not the beginning) and so on.


Nobody will be able to read the whole story until the end, when everyone has written their part. Then, the result of the exquisite corpse will be revealed.


The fun is assured: the story may have evolved along a path that has nothing to do with what the person who wrote the beginning thought.