How to teach my child to climb the stairs

Parents are afraid of just thinking that young children can have an accident on the stairs and therefore decide to keep them completely away from them, but one of the best ways to avoid them is to teach children to climb the stairs and in .com we give you some tips to achieve it.

Steps to follow:


Wait until the child is 1 and a half years old to begin teaching them to climb the stairs. Before it is not recommended since they are too small to take firm and solid steps so it is best to keep it as far as possible from them.


You should always go after the child so that you are able to protect him from any kind of fall or stumble.


If the child is afraid of the stairs, it is advisable that you first start crawling as this will take them more confidence and then you can walk along them.


First take the child with both hands and help him climb step by step . Then you can release a hand for him to take the wall or the railing and learn to climb safely alone.


The child must climb both feet to the step and then continue with the next, to be small may be difficult to maintain balance in one foot and this way we will avoid falls and accidents.


It is recommended that children begin to go down the stairs seated, being that going down costs them much more because it can make them dizzy or dizzy.


Do not let the child practice alone on the stairs. Until you are sure that the child can climb or descend safely, do not allow your child to walk only by stairs.


A good way for the child to practice is creating steps with wooden boxes on a padded area that cushions the blow in case of falls.