How much is one pound

The pound is a unit of mass used in the Anglo-Saxon nations such as the United States, England, Canada or Australia. Of course, for those who are accustomed to another metric system, it is difficult to convert pounds to another measure, but sometimes it may be necessary. That's why in .com we explain how much a pound is in the international system of units and also to other Anglo-Saxon units.

Steps to follow:


The pound has been used to measure the mass since ancient Rome, however after the fall of the Roman Empire the regions began to use different values ​​for the pound which generated confusion at the time of trading the merchandise. Finally it was decided to abolish this system and replace it with the gram, however in the Anglo-Saxon countries it still persists with a single common value.


One pound equals 453.59 grams of the international system of units, which would be 0.45359 kilograms.


To convert pounds to grams you should only divide the amount of pounds by 2.2. For example 545 pounds between 2.2 results in 247, 72 kilos.

It is also possible to apply another formula by multiplying the number of pounds by 0.454 to obtain the result in kilos or grams.


If instead of converting a pound to the international system of units you want to convert into the Anglo-Saxon metric system and take it to ounces, in that case one pound equals 16 ounces.