How to bathe a shar pei

Do you have a beautiful shar pei as a pet and you do not know how to bathe it? You have reached the right place. We are going to tell you some important aspects about the hygiene of your pet. It is essential that the dogs maintain a proper hygiene for their health and good looks, but nothing excessive. Do not overdo the exaggerated care because you can damage your immune system and weaken your defenses. In .com, we tell you how to bat a shar pei .

Steps to follow:


Before going into the matter it is important to take into account that these dogs have a fat in their coat that protects them from insect bites such as ticks and fleas and, when you bathe, this protective layer is lost so it may take longer of 2 months until it regenerates again.

Starting from this premise, it is not advisable to bathe a shar pei more than 2 times a year . With this we do not mean that your dog is going to be dirty, simply with acquiring a certain daily grooming routine, your pet will look great.

In we tell you how the shar pei are so that you know better this breed of dogs.


First let's talk about some daily hygiene care so you can keep properly cleaned the animal. To keep your pet clean it is advisable that you pass baby wipes every day throughout your body to remove traces of dirt, grass or dirt, thus preventing bacteria from accumulating on the skin but, during washing, do not you take away the natural protection of your coat.

With these same soft wipes all the folds have to be cleaned well, especially those of the lower nose since food is usually accumulated. In addition to the daily review, you should always spend a few minutes cleaning eyes and ears.


The shar pei usually have ocular lacrimation, it is something normal especially when they wake up. To have your eyes very clean, it is convenient to use baby wipes or gauze soaked with a little serum to clean the legañas or any rest that has around the eye pavilions.

Regarding the ears, it is not something that you should do every day. The more you touch the ears, the better. Think that the dogs remove the cerumen with their head shakes but if you notice a certain accumulation of wax, it is appropriate that you use a gel suitable for cleaning them. You must put it in the outermost area, let it act and then dry the ear with some gauze or wipe.


And now let's talk about how to bat a shar pei . The important thing is that you accustom your pet to bathing since he is a puppy, this will facilitate the task and, in addition, it can be a relaxing and pleasant time.

If you are going to wash it in the bathtub, we recommend that you cover the area with some base that does not slip and that way you will not be scared. It is also a good idea to leave a toy in the bathtub to feel comfortable. Be very careful and do not get any water in your ears because you could cause otitis. Bathe with warm water and use a gel with a Ph 7 .


When you soak it, you should let the shampoo on your shar pei's body for about 5 minutes, then you should rinse your coat with plenty of water . Do not hesitate to repeat the rinse so that no soap remains. Next, dry your skin with a towel and to make it completely dry use a dryer .

Pay close attention to this step, so that there are no traces of moisture between the folds of your skin, because fungi could appear. Finally you can spray with an appropriate colony for your pet.

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