How to secure a horse

When hiring insurance for our horse we have to take into account the characteristics of the animal and what its function is, in order to choose certain conditions in the policy. Generalist insurers in Spain offer products for horses ranging from the payment of damages that the horse can cause, to insurance of medical expenses or for breeding mares and stallions. In .com we explain how to secure a horse.

The health card and the policyholder

To hire an insurance for the horse, we must always have your health card, which includes information such as the name of the owner of the animal, the equine, vaccinations, disease history and race. The person who hires the insurance can be the owner of the animal or another. In any case, this does not suppose any additional cost when contracting a policy .

Civil liability

One of the insurance modalities that we can hire is civil liability, that is, a policy that covers the damages that our horse can make to third parties, for example, in the crops of a nearby farm, in the infrastructure of the neighbors or people. We would also be protected against the material damage that the horse could cause if it hits the road and causes an accident. Of course, if this happens and there is personal injury, criminal liability does not free us from the fact of hiring insurance.

Death of the animal

Another basic concept that is included in the insurance policies for horses are the expenses that cause us the death of the animal as far as the transfer to the slaughterhouse and, once in the own place, to pay the works that must be done to treat the body in accordance with Spanish regulations.

Health insurance

The insurers that work in Spain offer medical insurance for horses, which can cover expenses caused by diseases common to horses, such as colic; fractures of bones or equine plague . If our horse has a broad disease history, the cost of the policy will increase or we may even be refused hiring.

Mares and stallions

In the event that our horse is a stallion or we have a breeding mare, we can contract special policies for our animal, which will protect us against a disease that causes sterility, problems that may occur during childbirth or abortions.


Horses are highly valued animals and, unfortunately, cases of theft of specimens are common. Insurers offer products that cover the entire cost of the horse, although the most common is that there are franchises, which means that we have to take charge of part of the value and the rest of the cost of the animal is assumed by the insurance company.