How to feed a parrot

Although parrots are Australian birds, today they are more than integrated into many houses around the world, since they have been accustomed to living in bird cages. A large part of society believes that these animals only eat seeds, but the reality is not this, but they need a rich and balanced diet . In order for your parrot to be well taken care of, you must take into account these tips he gives you on how to feed a parrot.

Steps to follow:


Parrots, like the vast majority of animals and including humans, need a varied diet to live healthily.


In addition to seeds such as sunflower, millet, canary seed, corn and other varieties, we must also include fruits and vegetables in the usual diet of our parrot, and even nuts .


Also, you can also find completely balanced feed for parrots in the market. These foods suppose a great advantage and comfort since in a simple and easy way they contribute to the parrots practically everything they need.


In the case of fruits and vegetables, you should always wash them well to remove any remaining pesticides


Contrary to what the saying "parrot chocolate" says, these animals should not take cocoa in any of its forms. And it is that this food contains theobromine, an exciting substance that affects the hearts of parrots, which can cause them to die suddenly. Also, you can not feed them with avocado,


Food cooked, cured or preserved in salt should not be part of the diet of these birds.


In addition to providing correct nutrition, we must place in the cage of our parrot a bone cuttlefish (or cuttlefish) or a calcium stone to properly wear your beak.


Obviously, parrots will also require clean water in a drinking trough to be able to drink and be properly hydrated.


And food is not everything, but these birds need other attention that you can discover in this article on How to care for a parrot .