What is the most poisonous animal in the world

Spiders, snakes, scorpions ... Surely more than once you've asked yourself which of the most poisonous animals in the world is that there are many species that contain a high degree of venom that can be deadly but there are also some that his amount of poison is much greater, especially in relation to the size of his body. In this article we are going to discover you first on the list but we will also discover the ones that follow you so you can know which are the 7 most poisonous animals .

The most poisonous animal: the sea wasp

In the top 1 of the most poisonous animals in the world is the sea ​​wasp or box jellyfish, a jellyfish that lives mostly in the waters of Australia but can also be found in the Indian and Pacific. The essential characteristics of this animal is that it shows a tone that is between transparent and bluish, a color that melts completely with the sea becoming imperceptible even if you have it on the side.

It is a jellyfish unique in its kind because it has managed to develop a capacity that no other has managed to do: it can move in a specific direction (most jellyfish are carried away by the currents of the sea without being able to decide where to go).

The venom of this animal is found in the tentacles that, when they are in attack mode, can lengthen them until they reach 3 meters in length and, therefore, contain about 5000 stinging points in each tentacle. A whole killing machine! Keep in mind that only 1.4 milligrams of the poison is capable of killing a person as it attacks the nervous system and the heart producing a paralysis that, in water, can induce death.

Since 1954 there have been almost 6000 human deaths related to this jellyfish. When his poison affects a person, he feels a state of shock due to the pain and, being in the water, prevents him from swimming by dying ending up drowned. There are cases that, after contact with this jellyfish, the person has not died but the pain of their encounter lasts for weeks or even months.

The second most poisonous animal: the sea serpent

We continue with our list of the most poisonous animals in the world and now, in second position, we must also speak of a species that lives in maritime waters: the sea ​​serpent . They are very aggressive animals that attack the slightest movement and, therefore, are also considered highly dangerous for humans.

The poison it contains is up to 10 times more powerful than that of the cobra and, unlike this, the bite that is felt does not produce any external pain but, after a few seconds of being attacked, the affected person will begin to feel muscular pains and spasms that can produce a paralysis in the respiratory system and, therefore, death. Keep in mind that with only 1 bite of the sea serpent could kill 50 people.

This animal species usually lives in warm waters and in tropical areas such as, for example, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific or Oceania. The most dangerous is that they live in areas very close to the land or near the coasts and, therefore, there is a risk that a person can be attacked by this deadly snake; the reason for this is that these snakes come from the ground and, therefore, have to come to the surface to breathe.

The third most poisonous animal: the octopus with blue rings

We continue with the list and then we will discover the third most poisonous animal in the world . In the attached image we have specified two different photographs, one of them is for you to see the characteristics of the blue-ringed octopus and the other is for you to be aware of how small it becomes. It is incredible that an animal of such dimensions stands as the third most poisonous but it is!

In appearance they are octopuses that have very bright and striking blue dots but, as always happens in the animal kingdom, when an animal has very strident colors it is because they do not have to hide from predators since they are extremely poisonous . This is what happens with this mollusk that lives in waters of the Pacific Ocean and that, with the simple contact, releases a poison with neurotoxins that cause the motor systems of our organism to be paralyzed and, thus, causing death in a few minutes.

Despite its small size, the venom of this octopus can kill up to 25 people with just one gall as it contains a toxin that is 10, 000 times more lethal than cyanide itself. There is no antidote that can counteract the effects of its bite and, currently, the patient undergoes artificial respiration until the effects of the poison pass.

Other of the most poisonous animals in the world

We continue with the other animals that complete this list of the most dangerous in the world:

  • Stone fish

It is one of the rarest animal species there is because, apparently, it is very easy to be confused with a marine rock. However, it is a highly dangerous fish because it contains poison in the spines of its fins and this produces vomiting, headaches and muscular paralysis, which is why it can cause death if we are in the water. If not treated immediately, it can cause heart stops and the pain can become unbearable.

  • Arrowhead frog

Like the octopuses, these frogs are very striking colors to denote that it is very poisonous. It is from Colombia and the poison is found in all its skin so that only with a slight chafing in any part of the body can it paralyze its prey but also to people. The name is so curious because indigenous people used the poison of this animal to put it on their arrows and, thus, get much more effective weapons to hunt.

  • Bananera spider

If you are arachnophobic you will not like to know the banana spider, one of the most aggressive spiders, big and the most poisonous that exists. It can reach the palm of an adult man's hand and its sting can cause breathing difficulties, heart attacks and loss of muscle control. He lives in the jungles of South America, especially in the banana trees.

  • Conical Snail

This mollusk that apparently seems harmless, in reality, is very dangerous. It usually measures about 23 centimeters and resides in warm waters, especially tropical ones. His way of attacking is to throw a harpoon that contains a very strong poison that produces paralysis in animals and people and can even cause death.

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