What is the strongest animal in the world

The natural world is simply marvelous and the more we know it the more we are impressed by the ability of certain species to survive in hostile environments, feed efficiently and succeed in the most diverse ecosystems successfully.

And undoubtedly one of the most valued abilities in nature is strength, so to hold the title of the strongest animal in the world is an achievement that deserves recognition. Among the thousands of species that exist, do you know which is the strongest animal in the world ? In .com we reveal it to you in detail and we guarantee that you will be surprised.

The strongest animal is a beetle!

When we speak of force, the normal thing is to think of a powerful cat like the tiger or the lion or a huge mammal like the elephant, however the strength in the animal kingdom is reduced to something much simpler: proportion and endurance. This is why the strongest animal in the world is the rhinoceros beetle, an insect that measures only 4.5 centimeters in length but, nevertheless, is capable of carrying 850 times its weight and supporting it for at least an hour. A titanic feat without a doubt!

Although it is clear that animals such as the bear, the elephant or the tiger have great strength, what characterizes the rhinoceros beetle is its strength in proportion to its size, standing out from the rest of the animals. Something similar happens with the fastest animal in the world, a mite that proportionally moves at a speed that no one would achieve.

Why is it so strong?

The rhinoceros beetle is that strong precisely because of its small size. When an animal makes the physical effort to load an object not only must move that object but also its own weight, so the heavier is less volume will have the ability to move. In large animals the difference between mass and force is greater than in small animals.

The beetle only has to lift a small amount of its own weight, which leaves it with much force for higher loads of great weight for its build.

A powerful horn

This animal owes its name to the characteristic horn it has and that inevitably reminds us of a rhinoceros. As he is not capable of biting or biting, his horn is his best defense, with him he is able to dig quickly to hide under the ground and thus escape threats. In addition, this particular extension also serves to face their peers in order to get the best female in their environment and mate with her.

Other strong and powerful animals

  • The elephant : it is the strongest mammal of the animal kingdom, with a weight of 7, 500 kilos or more, it is capable of carrying 130 human adults lying down.
  • The tiger : it is certainly a powerful feline because it has a weight close to 200 kilos but is able to drag a prey of up to 500 kilos which makes it a feared and powerful hunter.
  • The gorilla : this animal is known for its enormous size, can weigh up to 200 kilos or more. His strength is such that he would be able to kill 10 men without any problem, which makes him one of the strongest in the animal kingdom.
  • The eagle : besides fast and excellent jackets, the eagles can lift up to 4 times their weight, flying with a voluminous prey without losing it. That's called stamina!
  • The grizzly bear : this incredible animal that usually weighs around 600 kilos is capable of carrying up to 544 kg without problems, 0.8 times its weight. It will not be as much as the rhinoceros beetle, but surely nobody wants to run into a furious bear.