How to feed an abandoned kitten

If you have found an abandoned kitten it is important to take it to the veterinarian as soon as it is possible for you to make an expert assessment of your health status. If the kitten was only possible that it has been left by his mother for some health problem that the cat has detected intuitively. If you have found a cat or a kitten in a bag or a box, surely there is no health problem. The most common is that the kitten is screaming, this may be because it is cold and hungry and you have to act quickly since the vet is not always open or around the corner. The first thing to do is to warm it up. The ideal is a hot water bag but wrapping it in a blanket may be enough. The normal thing is that before this first sensation of heat the kitten calms down and stops screaming. Then you have to feed the kitten, to do so follow the following tips:

You will need to:
  • Hot water bag
  • Blanket
  • Skim milk or milk without lactose, or baby milk 0-3 months
  • An egg yolk
  • A syringe without a needle
Steps to follow:


The kittens open their eyes from the week of life so if the abandoned kitten you have found has eyes closed it is that it has a few days of life and you should not try to give it solid food.


Cow's milk is not good for cats. Specialized milk powder for kittens is sold by specialized stores and veterinarians. To get out of the way you can give skimmed milk, or prepared milk powder for babies from 0 to 3 months, or milk without lactose mixed with an egg yolk. Either of these options is preferable to whole cow's milk.


Warm up the preparation that you are going to give to the kitten . Do not heat it too much, it has to be warm, not hot.


Put the milk in a syringe and put it to the kitten in the mouth. Press the syringe very little so that the milk comes out very slowly. Let the kitty go sucking alone.


Always feed the kitten upside down, never face up.


The amount of milk to be delivered can vary greatly from one kitten to another. In general terms it will be 15ml of preparation per 100g of body weight for kittens that have not yet opened their eyes and about 20ml of preparation per 100g of weight for kittens that have already opened their eyes.

  • We recommend that if you find an abandoned kitten, please let the municipality know so we can try to find the owner.