4 breeds of medium curly hair dogs

Dogs like people can have straight or curly hair. For many people the grazed hair of dogs is a very aesthetic and beautiful point that exalts them. There are many medium-sized dog breeds that exist with curly hair, although some are better known than others. Since we want to discover 4 breeds of medium curly hair dogs, so, if you want a curly dog ​​that is not very big or very small you will have some options to choose from.


One of the breeds of medium curly-haired dogs are poodles. These dogs originated in Germany, but are considered the national dog of France and can be seen all over the world. Poodles are medium-sized dogs with curly hair and an easy temperament. They are also very intelligent dogs, which is why they are also very popular dogs in the United States.

Your curly hair is naturally hypoallergenic. It has a white and fluffy coat that makes it a very recognizable dog. To make matters worse, he has a charismatic personality and that's why he quickly becomes the favorite pet for everyone, and of course, very much loved by both big and small.

Water dog

The water dog can be from different places, such as Irish, Portuguese or Spanish, but all have curly hair. Although this breed is native to Ireland, its fur is similar to that of a poodle although it has quite distinctive growth patterns.

The tail, often referred to as rat tail because it is soft and does not have a long hair growth effect. The hair of the face of this dog is also soft unlike the poodle, this is not necessary to have to cut it often.

Water dogs (especially those from Portugal), have been dogs for fishermen thanks to their skills for diving and swimming. In addition, its dense coat and its thickness show different variants of curly and wavy hair.

Welsh Terrier

Another breed of medium-sized curly-haired dogs is the Welsh Terrier. It is a popular hunting dog that has been a hunter's dog both on land and water. It has tight and short curls. They are ideal for hunting through thickets or cold waters (thanks to the thickness of their fur as their curls are short and do not get easily hooked between the thickets of the forest or hunting areas).

This terrier originated in Great Britain and was also used to chase badgers and water otters. They have rough fur to the touch and their thick double coat requires regular washing and in addition, a regular brushing to show a well-groomed and aesthetic coat.

Puli Hungarian

It is also known only as Puli and is a medium-small dog breed. This dog has a very impressive curly hair. It is a dog bred and originally from Hungary for sheep grazing. There are people who call it hairy carpet because the hair covers his face and looks like a mass of hair walking.

It has an intense layer of woolly hair, but it has a lighter and wavy upper layer. Your hair can grow a lot and also get tangled if you are not brushed regularly. You will also need to trim your hair, at least that of the eyes so you can see without the hairs covering your vision.

If you do not trim your hair, the length of your curly coat can reach the ground if you spend 5 years without peeling. If the hair grows incessantly it can be annoying for the dog. It is necessary that there is a maintenance of your curly coat to prevent it from growing too much and even to avoid health problems.