How to make my cat like water

By nature, a cat does not like water and it will be very difficult for us to enjoy a bath. Those of us who have a cat as a pet, we know that does not mean that the cat is a dirty animal, because completely on the contrary with his tongue is kept in a phenomenal hygienic conditions.

There are extraordinary conditions, such as that the cat has been sprayed with some toxic substance, in which the bath will be essential. Taking into account that our goal will be much more difficult to achieve the bigger the animal, in .com we give you an answer to the question of how to make my cat like water .

Steps to follow:


First of all, we will try to de-dramatize the moment of the bath to the maximum. In this sense, we will be calm and calm. At the same time, it is important to understand that we will not achieve it the first time.


A good idea is to leave the bathtub, the shower tray or the jar in which we want to bathe the cat with a little water, two or three fingers, while doing another task. It will not be surprising that our cat, curious, comes over there to investigate.


Once it is he who has approached the water, we will act. Our function will be that the cat relates the liquid with some positive stimulus.

So, if you have a toy that you like, we will take it with you; If, on the other hand, you like to scratch it with your favorite brush, we'll start doing it. We will do it next to the water, but without forcing it to get in, at the moment.


When our cat is already very relaxed next to the water is when we will try to put it. At this moment, we will also be without nerves, since otherwise we will transmit them to our pet.


If the animal is left, perfect, we will have achieved our goal that our cat likes water . Otherwise, we will try a few days later. In any case, if what we want to wash the cat at all costs, we can resort to dry cleaning with spray or take it to the veterinarian, where they possibly administer a mild sedative and wash it themselves.


If we get to bathe ourselves, we will do it with warm water and with little height level, two or three fingers. We will use a special shampoo for cats, taking care that it does not get in the eyes. You can learn step by step to perform this task in our article how to bathe my cat at home.