10 reasons why you have a dog - you will not regret it!

Having ever heard that the dog is man's best friend is quite common because, really in many cases, it is like that. If you've ever had a furry as a life partner, you'll know what we're talking about, but if you're thinking of embarking on this adventure for the first time, it's normal to have some doubts about it.

It is proven that the dogs bring infinity of benefits, both physical and mental, to human beings, for example, they help us to be active, to do new things and generate commitment and responsibility. If you want to find out more reasons to welcome a dog in your life, keep reading this article of .com where we tell you 10 reasons why having a dog, you will not regret it!

Company and fidelity

With a dog in your life you will never feel alone, they offer a unique company that is worth knowing. When you return from a long day of work and you are tired or even if you have been away for a few minutes, your dog will receive you first with joy, positive energy, licks and a tail that will not stop for a second, the welcome can not be better.

If you're bored or alone, you never really will be, your furry friend will be there to keep you company and encourage you to do things with him. The feeling is always mutual, since dogs do not like to be alone, and you will be infinitely grateful that you spend a lot of time with them. In short, they are animals so grateful and faithful to their human companions that you will feel unconditionally loved and want to return such devotion.

It will help you relate

Going with your dog down the street, not only serves to make their needs, but also to relate to others of their kind, which is one of their main needs. Another reason why having a dog is that when you walk to your faithful friend you will meet new people and you may even arrange for a walk or a hike with your faithful friends who have such a great time together.

Having a dog is good to help us make new friends and to facilitate relationships with others. In fact, they are so good at this that for years, dogs have been used in different types of therapies such as helping autistic children.

You will do more exercise

If you take good care of it, you will be taking care of yourself as well, since one of the reasons why having a dog is that you will get fitter than ever because you will go for a walk, run, play and even go for a few days of hiking. Even if you do not do many different physical activities, just go out for a walk every day for a while and you will be significantly improving your health. But if in addition to a normal walk, you ride a bike, run with him or do canicross, you will see how your physique is improving, since you will increase the physical resistance and shape your figure.

You will enjoy more of the trips

If you take your best four-legged friend on a trip, you 'll both have a great time! When you plan your vacation you can find a place that your dog can accompany you, but it is normal that sometimes it can not be, so we recommend you read this article on what to do with your dog on vacation.

If you travel together during the holidays you will strengthen your bond, since neither of you will miss the other and why discovering new places will be as interesting for him as it is for you. We invite you to read this other article so you know how to travel with your dog in a car and so you can take it more easily with you.

Prevents some health problems

One of the reasons why having a dog in your life is that it will make you exercise more, yes, but that is not the only benefit to your health and is that pets prevent health problems in people of any age .

On the one hand, they improve our physical health through sports and help us strengthen our immune system since we were children. On the other hand, they give us emotional support, provide company and make us feel loved and happy. All this together, prevents depression and stress and even slows down mental deterioration in older people.

Responsability and compromise

As they are living beings they have needs that we must cover so that they are healthy and happy, a fact that creates a series of responsibilities and generates commitment for their entire lives. The fact of having this relationship in our day to day and since we have accepted having it, being our decision, is something very beneficial for our mental health, since it will make us feel fuller, fulfilled and happy, another reason for the than having a dog

You will feel more secure

With a dog you will no longer need alarms, since they are vigilant, protective and faithful animals. You can be calm and feel safe, whether at home or on a walk. Your dog will warn you immediately with his barking of the presence of strangers or other problems and will even defend you and, therefore, it is also very important to teach and train him well.

Great ally of children

The dogs are great with the children, they love to take care of them, protect them, play with them and let them do all sorts of tricks. Surely if you decide to have a dog, it will become your children's best friend . It is very positive to bring children with dogs because of the fact that their immune system will form stronger and they will learn what it is to respect, share and have a responsibility in a very fun way that they will never forget. To be calmer, you can read this article on how to make my dog ​​accept the arrival of my baby home. So you know, if you have children at home, one of the reasons why having a dog is that they are excellent nannies and playmates.

Unique moments and lots of fun

The fun with a dog is never over, he will not want to play with you anymore. You will have a great time playing, but also taking care of it, grooming it and teaching it as much as possible, all those moments will be unique.

You will laugh constantly, because dogs are very funny animals because of their way of communicating and by some noises that make them funny like howling ambulances or vocalizing as if they wanted to talk to us, among many other things. Surely you will share a life full of laughs, whatever you do.

It will make you see life differently

If you give a dog the opportunity to enter your life, you most likely never want it to come out of it. You will discover many things in your interior and the world in which you live. Surely, you will be more involved in the treatment that society gives to animals and you will see that the same problems are suffered by many humans. Because of this, we can say that having a dog creates awareness .

If you have liked to know 10 reasons why you should have a dog, before taking this step you should be sure of what you want and know if you are ready. Therefore, we recommend that you read this article on reasons not to have a dog, are you ready?