When should I change the bike helmet?

A helmet has an expiration date, that is, although apparently its physical appearance is normal, there comes a time when it ceases to have an effect. Therefore, it is key that you know how to detect when you should change this element that can save your life or get rid of a serious injury if you have an accident with your motorcycle . In .com we give you the answer to the question of when you should change the helmet of the motorcycle.

Steps to follow:


The main cause that causes a motorcycle helmet to stop being valid is a fall. So if you have had an accident and you have touched the helmet on the ground or against another vehicle, you must buy a new one. In this article we explain how to choose the helmet size.


However, you do not need a big impact like the one that occurs in an accident to end the life of your helmet . A simple fall at home or at work can cause your helmet to no longer protect you adequately. So if your helmet falls to the ground from a height of at least 1.5 meters you must renew it.


In relation to these considerations, it is recommended that you do not buy second-hand helmets because you do not have the guarantee that they have not suffered a fall. Maybe the seller is not aware of it, but he may be offering you a product that is no longer safe.


Motorcycle helmets made of thermoplastic or polycarbonate resin materials also expire over the years. When you buy it, you should consult the store for years of useful life. The average duration is 5 years.


In the rest of the helmets, what deteriorates is the interior and, for that reason, in the long run they stop being so effective. However, in this case it will be an aging that you yourself will be able to verify in plain sight. If the helmet does not suffer any blow, it can last for 10 years, but in any case always consult the manufacturer's recommendations.