How to travel safely on a motorcycle

The safety on a motorcycle is a matter of vital importance since when we drive a two-wheeled vehicle our body is very exposed to any incident. Following a series of tips that range from our driving style or the clothes we use to mechanical issues, we will be more protected . In .com we explain in detail how to travel safely on a motorcycle .

Steps to follow:


Our driving is the key factor when it comes to increasing our safety when traveling by motorcycle . If we act with caution and, above all, very attentive to all the vicissitudes of traffic, we will reduce the possibility of an accident. In addition, we have to adapt our driving to the weather conditions, so that we will be especially cautious in case of bad weather. In we explain what precautions to take to travel by motorcycle with adverse weather.


If the above measure is part of active safety when riding a motorcycle, passive safety is no less important. These are elements of protection that we should always carry with us on a motorcycle.


The helmet is our biggest ally when it comes to being protected against an accident, so, however short the displacement we are going to make on the motorcycle, we always have to wear it. Our companion should not skip this norm either. In, you can read more information about motorcycle helmets : choice, cleaning, decoration, etc.


When we travel by motorcycle we can not do it with any type of footwear. Although it is very hot, it does not make sense to go in flip-flops or sandals on the motorcycle.

Although no accident occurs we will be exposed to a burn if we touch any area of ​​the motorcycle that has overheated and also to any small element of the road that can hit us and cause damage that we would not notice if we were wearing boots or a strong shoe .


A reinforced jacket is another passive security measure that we must take into account. Before a fall, our back or elbows will be more protected and reduce the chances of injury.

The same can be said of the gloves, especially in the case of the driver, since they will also reduce the possibility of the hand sliding of the motorcycle controls. Precisely, in this article we explain how to choose the motorcycle gloves.


Both day and night, we have to carry the lights on in order to be more visible to the rest of the vehicles that circulate on the road.


A machine ready, with all the past revisions, will make us travel by motorcycle more safely . Especially, we must be attentive to tire pressure and brake fluid. Check here How to take care of your motorcycle and what considerations you should take into account.