How to sign a letter on behalf of another person

There are many reasons why you may need to sign a letter on behalf of other people. Administrative assistants who sign letters on behalf of their bosses and children sign for their parents. It is also the typical thing that has to be done once in a lifetime and people do not know how to do it correctly so it is important to read the following instructions to learn how to sign a letter on behalf of another person.

Steps to follow:


Write the initials pp before your signature, this must be greater than the name of the person for whom you are signing. The initials pp in Latin means: per procurationem (per pro), this means that the power is delegated to you to sign on behalf of that person. This is commonly used in the business world. Sometimes it looks the other way: pp before the other person's name, but this is a common mistake.


Sign with your name and next or below, write "on behalf of" or "for", then put the name of the other person. This is also used for personal letters or thank you notes.


Get the power of a lawyer. For legal documents such as checks, medical documents and bills, you must have the authorization of the person who will give you the power, this means that you have given you the legal right to act on their behalf. A document of power must be signed by the person while he is in his mental faculties, it must also be signed by a notary public.


If your case is not the one of the previous instruction, you will have to request a court to designate you a power of attorney. Once there is a power, you can sign your name for that person. You may have to write words like "as a lawyer in fact" next to your name.

  • Before signing the power of attorney, talk to a lawyer or the company for whom the document is reserved (eg, the bank) and ask them to inform you about the correct way to sign.