How to sign representing another person

In the business world it is very common to find the situation of having to sign a document in the name of a superior or another person. To do it correctly and legally you can not copy the signature of that person, but you must meet a series of requirements and accreditations. In .com we explain all the details so you know how to sign representing another person .

Steps to follow:


First of all, the most important thing is for that person to grant you the power, which serves as a legal document that proves the possibility of signing on your behalf. To obtain it, it is necessary that this person signs the corresponding document, which must be endorsed by a public notary, lawyer or notary.


Once you have the power, you can sign on behalf of the other person, although you should always write per procurationem (pp) before signing. When signing for another person, it is very important to know what you sign so as not to embarrass the third person.


In addition to what was indicated in the previous step, for the letter to be correct and legal, it is necessary to write close to the signature itself, "on behalf of:" followed by the name of the person for whom we are validating the document. Many times the model on which it is written already includes this premise.


Finally, depending on the document that has to be signed, it will be necessary to write "proxy" next to the name of who signs it on behalf of another person. As in the previous case, many times the document model itself includes this requirement.


Remember that signing on behalf of someone implies many things, such as the responsibility of the contract or object of signature, so it is very important to know what is signed and, if necessary, refuse to sign contracts that are not known or with strange clauses .