How to denounce a neighbor for construction

When a neighbor makes work or reforms, it affects the entire housing community, so it is very important to do everything properly to try to minimize the inconvenience. The other neighbors must learn to cope with possible noise and other inconveniences, although there are extreme cases where you must act. In order to act as correctly as possible, following all the legal steps, we tell you how to denounce a neighbor for works .


It must be borne in mind that any work or renovation that is done will involve normally annoying noise, so to avoid disturbing the other neighbors, we must be very careful of the hours during which we work. If there are noises in hours considered untimely, you can resort to the local police, who will record and mediate the conflict.

There is also the possibility that, in spite of being in working hours, the noise is excessively high, so that it prevents to continue with the daily life of the neighbors. Depending on the depth of the works, it can be understood that there is high noise for a few days, although if the situation happens daily for several days you should resort to the town hall, who, through the department of environment, will send a technician to measure the intensity of the noise, acting in case of exceeding the established limits.

Work permit

To carry out any work it is necessary to ask for the corresponding permission to the town hall, otherwise it would be an illegal activity. In the case that a neighbor works without permission, you should denounce urbanism, forcing to stop the works, leave everything as was previously and even compensate for damages . To be able to denounce it is necessary to be completely sure that it is about works without a license, to prove it there are different indications: that the works are prolonged in time, that they have not notified the community, that they work on weekends, that they do not There are no debris or security measures.

Act friendly

In any of the cases, we recommend that, before denouncing, proceed to act amicably, avoiding confrontations and uncomfortable situations within the community. You can go directly to talk with the neighbor who is carrying out the works although it would be more advisable to always act through the community and its president or head, so that the general discontent is shown and a more cordial situation is maintained.


In case the friendly way does not work, it would be advisable to consult with a lawyer the possibilities or the actions to be carried out after the denunciation has been made. In this way we will always be well advised and the legality will be maintained in the chosen way, having support in the case of reaching a trial between the parties.