How to calculate the expenses of a move

Making a move is usually a cumbersome process, especially if you have to travel long distances and transport furniture and many objects. That is why moving companies are usually the best option in many occasions, since in exchange for a certain amount they save many headaches. However, each move is a world, because it depends on each personal case. If you want to know how to calculate the expenses of a move to get at least a rough idea, we give you some tips.

Steps to follow:


If you live alone and do not have to transport furniture, you may have all your belongings in a car or a rental van. In fact, if you are going to move within the same city or to a nearby place, you will probably find it profitable to do the move with your own means, either in your car or renting a van. Ask the price of the rent to some company and calculate the gasoline that you are going to need, according to the trips that you are going to give and the distance.


Do not trust yourself when packing. When it comes to making a move, they start coming out of all the sites and start accumulating more boxes than expected. Try to do the volume calculations by pulling up, organize everything in boxes as compact as possible and use the furniture you transport to keep more objects inside and thus gain some space. Also use clothes and towels to cushion sensitive objects inside the boxes, instead of using alveolar plastic or newspaper papers.


When you ask for a quote from a moving company, or if you want to do the calculation yourself with an online price calculator, you may be asked for the total volume data , in cubic meters. To calculate it, you have to multiply the height of the box, by the width and by the bottom.


Do not settle for a single budget and contact several moving companies. When you do, ask also if in future dates there is a possibility of making a return move . That is, take a trip back from the move of another client that is going to do the reverse route you need. In this way you can save a lot of money, and the company is also interested because it recovers the expense that the return implies.


To the price of transport, other concepts such as insurance must be added, and other variables also depend on the number of trips to be given, if there is an elevator in the houses or if you have to go up or down stairs, if you want to include the assembly and disassembly of furniture, etc.


Some companies charge more to do the service on weekends and holidays, check this end before confirming the budget. If you can ask for a free day at work, you may save an extra money when making the move.


Check the Spanish website of the Spanish Federation of Moving Companies (FEDEM) for the companies registered in the directory that are closest to your home, which can give you an advance quote free of charge and invoice for the move.