How to look for a part-time job

Most people look for full-time work, what we might call a job to be able to live. However, there are cases in which we look for part-time jobs . For example, university students who need a job that allows them to combine studies and employment in order to pay for their career and expenses; to reconcile family life with working life, athletes of a certain level who need a job to complete their salary ... In this article we are going to explain how to look for part-time work .

Steps to follow:


The first step we have to take to find part-time employment is the same as to look for full-time work: prepare our curriculum . Surely more than once you've heard that a good resume should be clear, concise and orderly, without spelling mistakes and have only one page, so it's time to apply all those tips.

A good resume is essential to find a job. It can be completed with a cover letter where you explain your motivations to apply for a job and develop your resume more extensively. In it you can explain why you are interested in working part time.


Just as important as the curriculum is to be clear about where you want to work . There are profiles that are ideal for part-time work (dependent on clothing stores, supermarkets, waiters, private tutors, caregivers of children, elderly or pets, leisure and free time monitor ...) while others, such as operators of a factory where 8-hour shifts are made, they do not seem accessible to work part-time. We can adapt our curriculum to the job we are looking for.


Once these doubts are resolved, it is time to start looking for a job . Here everything counts: we can search the public employment service (it is advisable to sign up, since we will also have access to training courses), in the employment section of newspapers, on the website of the companies where we are interested in working, in job seekers online or in employment portals where offers are published.

In we give you some tips so you know how to organize yourself to look for work.


Although it seems outdated, do not discard the curriculum in hand at the company. Take advantage of your network of acquaintances (family, friends, classmates, etc.) Maybe someone knows someone who is looking for a part-time worker. In this sense, networking is very important. It may even be that some shop in your neighborhood is interested in hiring you for hours, so you do not lose anything by asking.


Maybe you can consider the option of working from home . There are companies that offer this possibility and you have the advantage of being your own boss so you can adapt your working day to your schedules, perfectly matching it with other obligations you have. You can also try to work from home on your own, as a freelancer more.