How to save living from rent

To be independent and to move away from home is a complicated step, especially for the expenses that entails. In addition, the current trend is aimed at housing rental, leaving aside the intention to buy a house. The rents are going down, so it is a good alternative to live in a flat or house without spending too much, allowing even some negotiation, both in the amount and on the day of payment. Anyway, there are other options to reduce expenses, we give you different alternatives to save living rent .

Share floor

The share floor option is the most recurrent and easiest to do. You can find a friend or partner who is interested in living with you, allowing you to share expenses, both rent and electricity, water and other supplies. There are also other options such as homeshare, which consists of sharing a flat with the elderly in exchange for help and company at home.

Rent rooms

This alternative is very similar to that of sharing a flat, although, in this case, it is about sharing it with someone unknown in exchange for the payment of an agreed amount. In this way, in addition to sharing expenses, you can cover a good part of the total rent of the apartment.

Rental assistance

The Spanish government has launched a series of grants to facilitate access to rental housing, taking into account the tenant's income. You can get to a reduction of 40% of the annual cost of the property.


The rent paid for the rent of a property allows a tax saving at the time of presenting the income statement . This tax saving has limits and only considers the rent paid for the habitual residence, so the rent paid for second homes can not be deferred.