How to open a bar - Step by step

Open a bar nowadays is an adventure and requires to have a bit of capita, some contacts but above all a lot of self confidence, energy and perseverance In this article from .com we want to give you some keys when creating a bar, documentation, bureaucracy, financing, suppliers, cooks, waiters, etc. Read carefully and if you have any questions leave a comment and if we can we will help you to open the project of your life, a bar.

You will need to:
  • Business plan
  • Suppliers
  • Lots of energy
Steps to follow:


Select the place carefully . It does not matter if you are buying an existing bar with a plan to renovate it and change it according to your needs, or buying a lot or plot and you plan to build it from the beginning, location is a key factor in success. You must have a bar that is easily accessible to customers and has visibility.


If you want to open a bar one of the most important things is the location you should look for a busy street, to be able to be pedestrian. The bars require a lot of customers and that will be achieved if many people pass by in front of your store. You can also consider taking a bar in a shopping center.


Do not worry about the size of the bar, a bar is easy to move in case you need a larger space. Adjust the expenses of your new business to your needs and then you can adjust it as the business grows.


The decoration of the bar is key, it is important that the client feels comfortable, so we must try to create an environment that encourages us to stay longer in the bar and thus increase the chances of making a sale. To decorate the bar, it is recommended that you make a robot portrait of the type of client you want your establishment to have, a tip is to add human adjectives to the bar: elegant, mature, sober, etc. This will help you decorate the bar.


Think about what it means to open a bar . The bar is a very slave business since many hours are done, a way of limiting a bit the dedication can be just to make meals or tapas. If you want to make meals, more bar your schedule can be from 7 in the morning to 12 at night. Keep this in mind to determine the staff that the bar needs.


Pay close attention to the bartenders you hire, a bar succeeds to a large extent thanks to the staff that works, since there is usually not much difference between the quality of the products, in a bar people make a difference. It is recommended that the bar staff have the same style or age as the clients.


Make a business project for your bar . It is important that before starting the whole process to open a bar, do some numbers to see if it is a viable business or not. We recommend that the numbers be based on these criteria:

- Number of people who will pass in front of the local

-% of people who will enter the bar

- Average price of what people will consume

- Margin on sales

- Bar costs: staff, material, supplies, etc.


The documentation needed to open a bar is quite extensive and with many steps read carefully to know what you have to do:

  • Obtain a municipal activity license (environmental license) from a bar or cafeteria, in the case of a bar, or a restaurant. You can see here how to apply for a license of activities and facilities.
  • Request the opening authorization and register the company in the Register of Companies and Tourist Activities of the corresponding autonomous community. These procedures can often be carried out jointly. To obtain the authorization, a technical project of the bar or restaurant must be attached, with the corresponding plans and the environmental license.
  • Obtain the bar or restaurant identification plate and place it outside the establishment in a visible place. It is a plate with a blue background, with the letter R white for the restaurants, or the letters R and B white for the restaurant bars.
  • Have the claim sheets available for customers of the bar or restaurant, duly communicating their availability.