Procedures to buy a second-hand car

At the time of buying a second hand car we know that it is essential to review certain key points to make sure that the vehicle is in perfect condition and to be sure of making a good purchase. Now, once this step has been completed, it is necessary to comply with a series of administrative and legal procedures to make the purchase effective. Therefore, in this article we show you a summary of what are the procedures to buy a second-hand car .

Steps to follow:


Before making the purchase of a second-hand car it is essential that you make sure that the seller, if a private individual, is up to date with the following payments and aspects:

  • The Circulation Tax.
  • The Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV).
  • Check the actual mileage and the age of the vehicle, as well as ask for the maintenance book and the invoices of the previous repairs.
  • Check the Vehicle Register of the DGT to have a report of the car that claims no fines, liens, charges, etc.


The purchase agreement. The contract that formalizes the action of buying and selling the vehicle must be signed by both parties. It is important that the buyer keeps a copy of it. If the car is purchased at a dealership, you will be provided with an invoice with the Tax Identification Code (CIF) of the company.


Make the change of ownership. This is another of the procedures that must be carried out at the time of buying a second hand car . The seller has a period of 10 days to communicate the sale of his car at the Provincial Traffic Headquarters and request that the change of the owner of the vehicle be made, which has been signed by both parties.


Payments. The normal thing is that the buyer of the second-hand car is responsible for paying the fees corresponding to the change of ownership, in addition, of the payment of the Patrimonial Transfer Tax, which must be made in the Ministry of Finance of its autonomous community.


Finally, you should know that the buyer of the used car has a period of 30 days to register their new vehicle in the Vehicle Registry of the DGT. The necessary documentation to carry out this procedure is the following:

  • Copy of the sales contract.
  • Copy of the seller's ID.
  • Application for change of ownership.
  • Documentation of the car: registration certificate, ITV card, receipt of municipal tax payment.
  • Proof of the payment of the Patrimonial Transfer Tax.