How to act in front of an insect bite

Insect bites such as mosquitoes, bees, some types of fly ... as well as those of spiders are very common, especially in the hot season. Also, if we do outdoor activities we are more exposed to being attacked by these small animals. For example, swampy areas or standing water are one of the mosquito's favorite habitats, so we should take precautions to avoid stings . But if still, we become victims of insects, we must take appropriate measures to calm the pain and reduce the swelling of the bites. Find out how to do it through this .com article on how to deal with an insect bite.

You will need to:
  • Water and neutral soap
  • gauze
  • Ice
  • Pharmaceutical preparation based on ammonia
Steps to follow:


Before an insect bite, the first step should be to remove the stinger, if it is from an animal that has it and key. If we use tweezers, we should try not to sink it further or spill the insect's venom.


Wash the affected area well in water and a neutral soap .


Next, you should apply gauze or clean clothes soaked in cold water.


We can apply on the bite a pharmaceutical preparation based on ammonia or ice (never directly, but wrapped in a towel or cloth).


In case of bite inside the mouth, we will give the affected ice to lick or small swallows of cold water.


Do not scratch or scrub the affected area, because it will swell more and produce more stinging.


In case of complications or if the discomfort continues, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

  • Do not scratch the bites, because you will extend the affected area and it will sting you more.